History Futures Schedule 2017-18

Month Date Event Info and registration
October 2017 4th Management Consultancy Fair UCL Careers
  10th & 11th Banking, Finance and Economics Fair UCL Careers
  18th & 19th IT & Technology Fair UCL Careers
  23rd-27th Government & Policy themed week UCL Careers
  31st  Thinking of doing an MA or PhD in History? Further study information session  
November 2017 13th & 14th Law fair UCL Careers
  13th-17th Museums & Cultural Heritage themed week UCL Careers 
  27th-1st Dec Media themed week UCL Careers
December 2017 6th  Finalists: My History Degree - what next? 14.00-16.00 
January 2018 24th Jan History Graduates Out in the World: Alumni panel event  16.30
  29th-2nd Feb Charities & NGOs themed week UCL Careers
February 2018 5th-9th Environment themed week UCL Careers
  19th-23rd International Development themed week UCL Careers
  21st  MA Students: Preparing for September