MA Transnational Studies Options

Students should refer to the degree structure when selecting modules. The list below is not exhaustive and you are welcome to look at other department's websites for more module choices. See the Interdepartmental Modules page for further guidance.

History Department modules running in 2018/19:

Nations, States and Empires in Transnational Perspectives
The United States and the World: 1776 - 1900
War and Society in the Eighteenth Century Atlantic World
Enlightenment Histories: History and Time in 18th Century Thought and Culture
The Ottoman Mediterranean: Reform and Integration, 1800-1914
Entangled Histories: China and Japan in the Twentieth Century
Latin America in Global Intellectual History
Colonialism in Sub-Saharan Africa
Crisis and Future in 19th Century European Thought
The Great Depression and the making of the Third World
The Cause of All Mankind? US Encounters with Revolution, c.1880-1980
Decolonization and Development in Africa

The below modules are due to run in other departments in 2017/18 and may be of interest to you:


HARTG008 Vision, Tourism, Imperialism: Art & Travel in the British Empire, 1760-1870

HARTG019 Race/place:exotic/erotic

HARTG079 On Sex and Violence

ANTHGC23 Anthropology of Socialist and Post-Socialist Societies through Text and Film

ANTHGS20 Practical Documentary Filmmaking

ANTHGS25 Practical Documentary Filmmaking (Lab-based)

SEESGE86 Literatures of Rupture: Modernism in Russia and Eastern Europe

SEESGE87 Languages in Contact Along the Danube: Intercultural Frictions and Flow

SEESGH07 Historical Methods and Approaches

SEESGR26 Nabokov and Russian Émigré Literature


AMERG001 Researching the Americas: Latin America and the Caribbean

AMERG002 Researching the Americas: The United States

AMERG004 Democratisation in Latin America

AMERG009 Politics of US Foreign Policy

AMERG010 Politics, Society and Development in the Modern Caribbean

AMERG011 Post-Cold War US Foreign Policy

AMERG012 Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

AMERG013 The Caribbean from the Haitian Revolution to the Cuban Revolution

AMERG014 The Politics of Human Rights in Latin America: Challenges to Democratization

AMERG015 The Politics of Human Rights in Latin America: Transitional Justice

AMERG036 Latin American Economics

AMERG039 The International Politics of Latin America

AMERG047 Confronting the Colossus: US Anti-Imperialism, 1945-Present

AMERG051 Histories of Exclusion: Race and Ethnicity in Latin America

AMERG054 State and Society in Latin America: Ethnographic Perspectives

AMERG057 The Latin American City: Social Problems and Social Change in Urban Space

ANTHGC20 Issues in Power and Culture (The Anthropology of War)

ANTHGE06 Anthropology of Development

ANTHGS30 Anthropology of Latin America

ANTHGS31 Anthropology of Islam in Diaspora

ANTHGS72 Anthropology of India

GEOGG131 Global Environmental Change

GEOGG201 Approaches to Global Migration

GEOGG205 Gender, Generation and Forced Migration

GEOGG036 Migration & Urban Multicultures

GEOGG043 Politics of Climate Change

SEESGH12 Religion in South-Eastern Europe: From the Age of Empires to Post-Communism

SEESGH16 The Crisis Zone: Central Europe 1900-1990

SEESGS11 Political Economy of International Business

SEESGS56 Governance and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe

SEESGS58 Migration in the European Union

SEESGS61 Politics of South-Eastern Europe

SEESGS79 International Macroeconomic Policy

SEESGS80 Economic Development and Policies


LAWSG142 Law & Governance of Global Health

AMERG008 Globalisation & Latin American Development: Latin America in the Twenty-First Century

ANTHGE03 Population & Development

CIHDG040 Anthropological Perspectives on Global Health


LAWSG122 International & European Refugee Law