HISTG115A: Twentieth Century British History: Ideologies, Identities, Cultures, Controversies


This module is designed to give MA students intending to pursue research into twentieth century British history a grounding in the social and cultural historiography.

The first half of the term introduces students to five key controversies – both long-running and recent – in the cultural and social history of twentieth-century Britain: fertility decline, secularisation, gender in the Second World War, racism in postwar Britain, and the ‘decline of class’. The second half introduces students to five themes and approaches in which historians have taken an increasing interest in recent years: consumption, sexuality, urban history, emotions and subjectivity. The aim is to introduce key themes in social and cultural history – particularly, the study of class, race, gender, sexuality, and religion.

Credits: 15

Assessment: 1x 4,000 word essay