MA European History/History Options

Students should refer to the degree structure when selecting modules. Please ensure that you discuss your module selections with the Degree Tutor.

Modules running in 2017/18:

HISTG040/G002: Weber for Historians
HISTG051A: American History on Film
HISTG053A: Continental Connections: Britain and Europe in the Eighteenth Century
HISTG068B: Hollywood Genres
HISTG071B: Britain and Decolonization since 1945
HISTG091A: Public History, Slavery and the British Colonial Past
HISTG103: Gender and Sexuality in Modern Britain, c1850 to the Present
HISTG105B: Enlightenment Histories: History and Time in 18th Century Thought and Culture
HISTG106B: The Ottoman Mediterranean: Reform and Integration, 1800-1914
HISTG108B: Paradoxes of Enlightenment
HISTG109A: Latin America in Global Intellectual History
HISTG112A: Theories of Totalitarianism
HISTG113A: Colonialism in Sub-Saharan Africa
HISTG115A: Twentieth Century British History: Ideologies, Identities, Cultures, Controversies
HISTG118B: Pornography, Obscenity and Politics in Europe since 1789
HISTG837A: Crisis and Future in 19th Century European Thought