Language Options

MA Ancient History/LABS

Modules available:
MDVLGL07 Beginners Latin for Research 
Beginners Greek for Research (KCL)
Intermediate Greek for Research (KCL)
HEBRG083 Introduction to Syriac
HEBRG045 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
HEBRG047 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew

MA European History

Students must take 15-30 credits in a European language. 

MA Transnational Studies

Students must take 15-30 credits in a modern foreign language.

MA Chinese Health and Humanity

Students must take HISTGC03 and HISTGC04.

Modern language modules at UCL

To enrol you must visit the CLIE during Induction Week to complete a registration form. CLIE is located just off the corner of Gordon Square at 26 Bedford Way.

  • School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)

All language modules in SSEES are 30 credit options To enrol contact Ben Chatterley to check availability. Click here for languages taught and further details.

Incoming Chinese Students

You may be interested in, or have been asked to take: 

Students with English as their second language:

You may be interested in taking a module in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) at the CLIE. The deadline for enrolling is the end of the second week of teaching (visit CLIE to sign up). Please note these modules do incur a charge and cannot be taken as part of your MA programme (i.e. cannot count towards your 180 credits' worth of modules).