Funding for Current Research Students

Departmental funding for research activities

If you are funded by a UCL Graduate Research Scholarship, the AHRC (whether LAHP or CDA), or the Wolfson Foundation your scholarships come with an allocation of money for research and training expenses. But if you are funded by a source that does not provide any (or enough) research funds, or if you are self-funded, you can apply to the Department for funds towards to research travel, training, study visits, or attending a conference during the academic year. The two annual deadlines are:

• Monday 6 November 2017

• Monday 7 May 2018

The application should take the form of a brief letter to the Graduate Tutor for Research, ideally submitted by email.

In it you need to provide details of what you wish to do and why, making a case that the particular activity is necessary for your research or will greatly enhance your professional development. Applications for money to attend a conference will only be considered if you will be giving a paper, commenting, or otherwise on the conference programme. You also need to include in the letter a timetable and a costed, itemised breakdown of the amount of money needed. The letter should be accompanied by a supporting note from your primary supervisor, which can be emailed directly to the Graduate Tutor for Research.

In cases where another body offers funding for the same activities, you will be expected to apply to them as well, whenever appropriate. Please let us know in your application about such other applications.

The Hale Bellot Fund has limited funds to enable research students in the Department of History to travel to and in the United States and other countries in the Western hemisphere for study or research. If you wish to apply for this fund, please say so in your application.

The majority of the funds available for Departmental support will be allocated in November, however there will still be funds left over for the May deadline.

Further sources of research funding