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The Bloomsbury Project

The Bloomsbury Project was a collaborative venture between UCL's English Department and the Centre, and created an archive of Bloomsbury in the 19th century when it became an important centre of London's intellectual life. The 'Bloomsbury People' blog gathered information about the ordinary professionals and working people of Bloomsbury - the journalists, publishers, librarians, hospital employees - who contributed to this increasingly vibrant and unique area of London.

The final Bloomsbury Project website contains information about the origins, locations, and reforming significance of hundreds of progressive and innovative institutions. Many of the extensive archival resources relating to these institutions have also been identified and examined by the Project, and Bloomsbury’s developing streets and squares have been mapped and described.

The website is a gateway to the information gathered and edited by Project members with the co-operation of Bloomsbury’s institutions, societies, and local resident.

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Russell Square winter