Hebrew & Jewish Studies



Sacha Stern (UCL): How calendars become standardized and fixed

Helen Jacobus (UCL): The 19-year cycle in the Dead Sea Scrolls (4Q209) and 1-2 Maccabees

Robert Hannah (University of Waikato): Cult and calendar in Archaic Cyprus

Jonathan Ben-Dov (University of Haifa): A complete year: the 365-day year in early rabbinic sources

Ilaria Bultrighini (UCL): The late Roman Hemerologia: a re-examination in the light of recent discoveries and research

Yusuf Gürsey (Polytechnic University Istanbul): The Arabian calendar before Islam

Immo Warntjes (Trinity College Dublin): The origins of the calendar tradition in the early medieval Latin West

François de Blois (UCL): A new look at al-Biruni’s Chronology of the Ancient Nations

Johannes Thomann (University of Zurich): The institution of the Jalali calendar in 1079 C.E. and its cohabitation with the old Persian calendar

Ilana Wartenberg (UCL): Mathematics in the service of the Jewish calendar as manifest in Isaac Israeli’s Yesod Olam

Nadia Vidro (UCL): Reiterative calendars in medieval and early modern Jewish manuscripts

Israel Sandman (UCL): Medieval scientific interpretations of ancient Rabbinic calendrical traditions

Philipp Nothaft (University of Oxford): Scandalous error: calendar reform and calendrical astronomy in medieval Europe

Ephraim Kanarfogel (New York): Jewish Law and Popular Custom in Medieval Ashkenaz

Sacha Stern (UCL): Women and common folk in medieval Jewish calendar texts

Nadia Vidro (UCL): Scientific and popular calendars in medieval Jewish sources

Gabriele Ferrario (Cambridge): Theory, Allegory and Practice in Medieval Alchemy: Jewish Sources and their Context

Ilana Wartenberg (UCL): Classical versus popular mathematics in medieval Hebrew mathematical and calendrical treatises

Gerrit Bos (Cologne): Medieval Jewish traditions on memorization in medical and magical texts

Katelyn Mesler (Jerusalem): Beyond the Trachtenberg Paradigm: New Approaches to Popular and Learned Traditions of Magic in Medieval Europe

François de Blois (UCL): The new edition of al-Biruni’s ‘Chronology’: work in progress

Sacha Stern (UCL): Al-Biruni on the Jewish calendar: sources and authority

Carole Hillenbrand (St Andrews): Al-Biruni on Islamic history