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UCL Hebrew & Jewish Studies is the only academic department in the UK dedicated to the study of every aspect and phase of the Jewish historical experience. This contrasts with the usual setting of Jewish Studies components within broad subject-areas and disciplinary frameworks. The integrity of Jewish Studies as a field of enquiry is implicit in our constitution as a department, and underpins the disciplinary diversity that marks our research-activity.

Our research-interests stretch over wide chronological and geographical spans, entail a range of both ancient and modern languages, and are pursued from a variety of methodological approaches.

Current Research Projects

Professor Sacha Stern (Hebrew and Jewish Studies) has been awarded an ERC (European Research Council) Advanced Grant for a research project entitled Calendars in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages: standardization and fixation. This grant, to the value of €2,499,000, is the largest ever achieved in the Faculty. The five-year project was launched on 1 February 2013, and employs a total of five research associates.

Research Students

  Name Supervisor(s)
Thesis Title
   Yoni Birnbaum
Prof. Sacha Stern
  email Yoni

Joseph Citron

Joseph Citron
Prof. Sacha Stern, Dr. Tali Loewenthal
Assessing the vision of R. Isaiah Horowitz’s Shnei Luhot Haberit as a model of Jewish Pietism in the 17th Century. email Joseph

Noemie Duhaut

Noemie Duhaut
Dr. Francois Guesnet; Dr. Bojan Aleksov
The Europeanisation of French Jews: French Jewish perceptions of Jews in Southeast Europe, 1840 to 1880 email Noemie
  Deborah Fisher
Prof. Willem Smelik
  email Deborah
  Jonathan Ghariani
Prof. Neill Lochery
Paths to Peace: A comparative analysis of different approaches to peace efforts in the Middle East email Jonathan
  Felicity Griffiths
Prof. Michael Berkowitz
Ethnicity and Minority Groups in the Colleges of London University email Felicity
  Adam Gower
Prof. Michael Berkowitz
Jacob Schiff and the Financing of Japan email Adam

Zuzanna Krzemien

Zuzanna Krzemien
Dr. Francois Guesnet, Prof. Ada Rapoport-Albert
Solomon Dubno and the Impact of Easter European Jewish Learning on the German-Jewish Enlightenment email Zuzanna
  Jonathan Lewis
Prof. Michael Berkowitz
Jewish Chaplaincy in the British Armed Forces , from 1892 until today email Jonathan
  Paul Moore
Prof. Willem Smelik, Dr Lily Kahn
  email Paul
  Wojtek Rappak
    email Wojtek

Natalia Romik

Natalia Romik
Prof. Murray Fraser, Prof. Jonathan Hill, Dr. Francois Guesnet
  Anne Sittig
Prof. Sacha Stern
  email Anne

Past Research Projects

External Grant-Funded Projects

Medieval Christian and Jewish Calendar Texts from England and Franco-Germany A Leverhulme-Funded Research Project.

The Jewish Calendar in Early Islamic Sources (2010–2012)                             A Leverhulme-Funded Research Project.

Medieval Calendars (2008–2013)
"Medieval Monographs on the Jewish Calendar" (funded by the AHRC).

Introductory Poems to the Babylonian Targums
A grant from the Rothschild Foundation Europe in the Post-doctoral Research Fellowships Programme.

The Montefiore Testimonials Digitization Project
UCL Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies in Cooperation                             with the Montefiore Endowment.



Three leading academic journals are edited by members of the department: