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Hebrew & Jewish Studies


AHRC Grants PhD Fellowship for Dubno Project

The AHRC London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP) has awarded a full research studentship for a project developed by Zuzanna Krzemien in cooperation with Dr Francois Guesnet. More...


Professor Michael Berkowitz & team win prize for new app

Professor Michael Berkowitz and his team (Yining Shen, Linda Wang, Xianjun Xiang) have created an app - 'Jewish East End, Not Quite Kosher' that has won a prize certificate from the British Computing Society and will be shortly available on the app store through UCL Advances. More...


Neill Lochery: Northern Ireland is still a tinder box

The arrest of Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams over his alleged role in the disappearance and murder of a Belfast mother of 10 in 1972 has pushed the largely forgotten Northern Irish peace process back into the media spotlight. More...

Moses Gaster

Europe, the Jews of Romania, and Moses Gaster Workshop

10.30 – 11:00 Welcome, tea & coffee More...

Figures playing violin and flute

Landscapes Within: Experience the Music

Member of the department of Hebrew & Jewish Belinda É. S. leads this session, taking place as part of the second annual UCL Festival of the Arts.