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The Tsar Wants His Photograph Taken

Turn of the century Paris, the Studio Angèle. The Tsar has just confirmed an appointment that Angele, the owner, knows nothing about. Suddenly, five anarchist assassins appear, planning to impersonate her and kill the Tsar...

HJS Research Seminar 1516

The Department runs a Research Seminar every academic year, open to all students, academics and members of the public. Below is the programme for Term 2 of 2015/16. 

HJS Graduate Seminar 1516

The Department runs a seminar each academic year for and run by its Graduate (MA/Research) students. It is also open to the public, so should you would like to attend just come on the day, no booking required.

Departmental Research Seminar 1516

 Please click on the link below for the exciting programme of the Departmental Research Seminar programme (Oct-Dec), featuring guests from the University of Cambridge.

Jews and Photography Book Launch and Evening Lecture

Join us for a lecture by UCL academic Professor Michael Berkowitz. Berkowitz's new book Jews and Photography in Britain is the first-ever historical investigation of its type, beginning in the mid-nineteenth century and closing with the Queen's controversial photo-shoot with Annie Leibovitz in 2007. While little noticed by scholars and critics, the factor of ethnic difference in photography has been critical in the development of a distinctive visual culture in the UK.