Guidelines for Essay Submissions

This is important. If you are handing in an essay, below are instructions and a checklist of questions to help ensure you have everything you need.

In order to submit your work electronically, you will need to enrol in the Moodle course 'HJS BA Coursework Submissions 2014/15' or 'HJS MA Coursework Submissions 2014/15'.  There you will find your course (e.g. HEBR7766) and upload your paper for the assignment. The hard copy is to be submitted to the departmental office (room 318 in Foster Court) on the same day.

  • Do you have TWO copies of your essay (one electronic, one hard copy)?
  • Is the Departmental Essay Cover Sheet (PDF) stapled to the HARD COPY?
  • Do BOTH copies have YOUR OWN cover sheet with:

    1. your student number (e.g. 1180746, your UCL ID card)
    2. the course code and title;
    3. the essay question / title; and
    4. the lecturer's name? (e.g. Professor Sacha Stern)
  • Have you followed the style guidelines as set out in the Departmental Style Sheet (PDF)?


  • Your name should ONLY appear on the Departmental Student Essay Cover Sheet attached to your HARD COPY.
  • Both copies of your essay must be submitted on the same day.
  • If you require an EXTENSION, do make sure that you have discussed the revised deadline with Dr Lily Kahn, Departmental Tutor, and printed the departmental Extension Request Form (PDF)
  • The electronic copy of your essay will be marked and returned to you via Moodle.