Non-degree related student achievements

The following activities have been approved for inclusion on HEAR transcripts by the Programme and Module Approval Steering Group on behalf of the Education Committee:

Achievement Verified by:

UCLU Colours

UCL Union

Email UCLU

UCLU Officers of Clubs and Societies

UCL Union

Email UCLU

Officers of Departmental/Divisional Clubs and Societies


Voluntary activities verified as significant by the Voluntary Services Unit

UCL Union

Email UCLU

Voluntary activities verified as significant by Museums and Collections

Museums and Collections

Email Museums and Collections


UCL Union

Email UCLU

Student Reviewer for Internal Quality Review

UCL Union

Email UCLU

Student Ambassadors/Mentors


Other Activities verified as significant by Outreach


Activities verified as significant by the Careers Service

Careers Service

Email the Careers Service

Completed Language Centre courses not undertaken as part of a degree programme

Language Centre

Email the Language Centre

Departmental/Divisional Prizes

Deans List and Academic Medals

UCL Faculties

Scholarships received for merit and for merit and need

Student Funding

Email Student Funding

By default all recognised achievements that have been verified by UCL will be published on the HEAR.

With the exception of prizes and scholarships received for merit or for merit and need, students will be given two opportunities a year to review their non-degree related achievements and to flag any that they do not wish to be published. This facility will be available twice a year until the final version of the HEAR is published.

All other information on the HEAR cannot be edited.

UCL will email students to review their non-degree related achievements and will give a reasonable window of time in which to do this If students take no action, all of their verified achievements will be published.

Students who do not want a prize or scholarship to appear on their HEAR must reject the award from the outset.

Students who have any questions about their non-degree achievements recorded on a HEAR should contact the unit or service that verifies the activity. For example, in the case of a Departmental/Divisional prize query, students should contact the relevant Department/Division directly. For a query relating to Union Colours, students should contact UCLU.

Students who do not see their UCLU achievements listed should firstly respond to the Union email requesting their permission to share this information with UCL. The achievements will then be listed when the HEAR is re-published in the first week of October.

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