Health Psychology Research Group

Health Psychology

The Health Psychology Research Group (HPRG) applies evidence and theories from health psychology to the design, delivery, uptake and impact of behaviour change interventions, mainly related to health. We investigate innovative methods for developing and evaluating interventions in three health domains: professional practice (e.g., the implementation of evidence-based guidelines, such as hand-hygiene amongst hospital staff), risk factors amongst the general population (e.g., communicating about pandemic flu, reducing smoking and excessive alcohol use), and managing illness (e.g Type 2 diabetes).

The HPRG has pioneered new methodologies, such as taxonomies of behaviour change techniques to specify interventionsapplications of theory to designing and evaluating interventions and methods of making behavioural science useable by policy makers. It is also at the forefront of applying behavioural science methods to digital interventions, delivered by computer and smartphone applications.

The work of the Health Psychology Research Group has led to the creation of UCL’s

Centre for Behaviour Change, both directed by Professor Susan Michie.

The group is comprised of researchers and PhD students who work across four main areas:

  1. Theories and techniques of behaviour change
  2. The implementation of evidence-based practice
  3. Changing health-related behaviours
  4. Changing environment-related behaviours

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