Health Behaviour Research Centre

HBRC research programmes: dietary choice, participation in cancer screening, smoking and alcohol

The Health Behaviour Research Centre (HBRC) undertakes research aimed at advancing our understanding of behaviours that have a major impact on health and to contribute to the development of interventions to promote healthy lifestyles. The Centre is part of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, UCL.

It receives core funding from Cancer Research UK and is staffed mainly by Health Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists. Additional funding is received from a range of sources including the Medical Research Council, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, the Department of Health, and the British Heart Foundation.

Three main programmes of research

Many research questionnaires and scales that were developed by the HBRC are made freely available on the resources page.

Other activities

  • The HBRC is also home to the registered charity Weight Concern.  This charity aims to address the physical and psychological needs of overweight people and to guide the development of more effective programs of prevention and treatment of weight problems. 
  • On UCL's 'Health chatter' blog, HBRC staff and students comment on recent events relating to their research expertise, and explore the societal implications and impact of their research.
  • Together with UCL's Department of Applied Health Research (DAHR) and the Division of Psychiatry, the HBRC organises a Qualitative Health Research Symposium on Wednesday 18 February 2015.  

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