Hatter Cardiovascular Institute


10 Years at Chenies Mews

The Hatter Institute celebrates 10 years at Chenies Mews

The Hatter Cardiovascular Institute (HCI) at UCL is actually 26 years old but this year it is celebrating 10 years in its newish building at Chenies Mews. This building was opened by Tony Blair a decade ago and the HCI has continued to work tirelessly on fundamental cardiovascular health problems including the world’s biggest killer ischaemic heart disease.

The institute specialises in a bench-to-bedside approach, which incorporates molecular pathophysiology aspects of various cardiovascular conditions and culminates in new treatment regimens.

The institute is led by Derek Yellon and its researchers were the first to show that the cardioprotective effect of preconditioning could occur in humans. Hundreds of papers originating from the HCI have been published in journals such as the New Engl J Med, The Lancet and Circulation.

Says Yellon:

" We are particularly proud of our collaborations with other high quality institutions such as our collaboration with the University of Cape Town and our jointly run educational At the Limits series of lectures.

This lecture series is supported by The Lancet and has The Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School as a partner. The HCI is funded by the Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council and the British Heart Foundation.

For further information, please contact: d.yellon@ucl.ac.uk