Sustainable Labs

Laboratory buildings can consume far more energy per square meter than typical academic areas. As a result, over 50% of UCL's electricity is being consumed in buildings servicing laboratories. UCL is committed to a 15% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2020. To achieve this we provide support and resources to departments to help them achieve efficient and sustainable research practices.

Improving the sustainability of your labs will improve safety measures, well-being and financial savings as well as benefit the environment.

Enhance your knowledge

Enhance your knowledge

Download relevant academic papers to increase your knowledge on sustainability-related issues in laboratories

Get resources and materials

Get resources and materials

Download UCL guides, checklists, stickers and posters to help make your lab more sustainable

Web pages and case studies

Web pages and case studies

Explore websites and resources dedicated to helping you green your lab and expanding your knowledge on sustainable labs

Green Impact Laboratories

These resources link with UCL's Green Impact programme. Green Impact enables you to improve your department's environmental impact and be rewarded for your efforts at UCL's Sustainability Awards ceremony.

Key Information

Who should complete Green Impact Labs?

  • When choosing to make your department more sustainable through the Green Impact programme, you can choose to either undertake the 'labs workbook' or the 'office workbook' depending on which is more relevant for your department.
  • If your department has many labs we would prefer you to undertake the labs workbook as they are hugely energy inefficient.

I have lots of labs in my department, how many should I focus on?

  • You can chose which labs and how many labs you want to focus on, but we ask you not to choose a lab which is already sustainable. 
  • Therefore teams can submit the workbook for a single lab, a floor, or even a building.

How does the scoring work?

Like with the office criteria, you need to complete a set number of lab criteria to achieve each award level. They are as follows:

  • Bronze: 30 points 
  • Silver: 60 points 
  • Gold: 90 points
  • Platinum: 120 points 
  • Excellence: 145 points 

You are encouraged to select criteria from a variety of categories.

Do I need to provide evidence?

  • Teams do need to submit evidence for the workbook but the evidence gathering should not require excess amounts of your time, as on-site audits should verify your work.

Submission and Audits

  • The submission deadline for the labs workbook is June 30th 2017
  • Audits will take place over the month of July and will be undertaken by your peers at UCL and Kings College London who are also undertaking the Green Impact Labs workbook. 
  • This means that everyone participating in the scheme will get the chance to view other labs.
  • All findings will be briefly summarised into a short report and targets for future years will be set to provide continuity for the next year.

Access workbook here

For futher information and to join the Sustainable Labs mailing list contact UCL's Sustainable Labs Adviser, Martin Farley