Top 5 resolutions which will make a difference!

Sustainability can be daunting (even the name is off-putting), so we’ve created a list of EASY and FUN Green New Year’s Resolutions for you to get started on- because let’s face it, the gym is never going to happen!

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The Christmas Switch Off: your impact

Congratulations to everyone who joined in with the 2017 Christmas Switch Off. Over 400 of you pledged, saving almost 823,000 kWh – that’s enough electricity to run the lights on a Christmas tree for 1291 years!*

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The Big Christmas Switch Off is back!

On Christmas day last year, UCL spent over £20,000 on energy. Help UCL to save carbon and money this Christmas by pledging to switch off lights, appliances and equipment over the holidays. 

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Save 12% on a 16-25 Railcard now!

The 16-25 Railcard is not just a Railcard, it’s also a life enhancer. With 1/3 off your rail fares, you can save money on your trips around the UK or back home to visit friends and family.

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Join #BrightFriday - revamp your wardrobe for free this Black Friday

Are you fed up with endless sales and adverts telling you to buy stuff you don’t want or need? Is Black Friday one step too far? Our research suggests it is with 2 in 3 people saying they don't enjoy Black Friday and over half saying they don't think it even gives good deals.

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Interested in setting up a solar project at UCL?

The Mayor of London wants to see more communities involved in producing energy locally and helping to reduce energy use. To help get community projects off the ground he has created the London Community Energy Fund.

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From antique clocks to laptops, our WARPit enthusiasts share their best tips!

As part of our commitment to reducing waste and consumption of materials, UCL partnered with Warpit in 2011. Warpit is a tool all UCL staff can use to share furniture, stationary and equipment needing a new home. It helps staff save money, reduce UCL’s carbon and brings back life into some of the perfectly usable and sometimes interesting antiques- otherwise going to the recycling centre. UCL has currently saved 150060kg of C02 and £350,030 from using WARPit!

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UCL wins 'Outstanding Contribution to Environmental Sustainability' award

Last month UCL was nominated for two awards at the Camden Business Sustainability Awards 2017- the ‘Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction’ award for our Logistics Zone and the ‘Leadership in Green Procurement’ award for our sustainable procurement work in our SKA HE programme. We are extremely pleased to announce that UCL received the overall award of the night: the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Environmental Sustainability’ award.

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