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Gearing up for a new year

A cycling university More...

Published: Sep 30, 2014 5:32:00 PM


UCL's response to Transport for London's proposed Cycle Superhighways

UCL is currently preparing a formal response to Transport for London's proposals for both a new segregated East-West Cycle Superhighway through Central London and a North-South Cycle Superhighway between Elephant & Castle and King's Cross. If you'd like to make any make any suggestions to be considered as part of this response, please contact Joanna Marshall-Cook before Friday 3rd October.  More...

Published: Sep 26, 2014 10:28:00 AM


A new approach to recycling at UCL

As part of UCL’s ongoing work to improve recycling rates, a new approach to waste and recycling is being introduced across the university. This includes a new way to segregate waste, the introduction of hundreds of news bins and a unified waste signage scheme.  More...

Published: Sep 19, 2014 11:02:00 AM

2014_08_15 Cycle racks

New bike racks installed around UCL

As part of UCL's ongoing work to improve cycling facilities for staff and students, the UCL Sustainability Team have completed the installation of new parking spaces for 181 bikes around the Bloomsbury campus.  More...

Published: Aug 19, 2014 9:30:00 AM

bee close-up

UCL engineers work with contractors to boost biodiversity

The replacement of air handling equipment on a roof at 1-19 Torrington Place has been used to trial an innovative approach to working with UCL's contractors to boost biodiversity.  More...

Published: Aug 12, 2014 2:02:00 PM

Green Impact Award April 24th 2013

2 May 2013

Green Impact Award 2013 Gold CEGE

NUS Green Impact Programme

The NUS Green Impact programme has been in progress at UCL for the second year running.

The programme encourages teams to undertake a number of actions to reduce their environmental impacts - thereby contributing to UCL's overall environmental sustainability programme.

In 2011/12, 19 UCL teams signed up and completed actions as part of Green Impact. In 2012/13, 29 teams have got involved in the programme and undertaken actions ranging from the purchase of sustainable food to the use of UCL's waste reuse scheme, WarpIt. As a result of the programme, UCL was able to achieve the following outcomes:

Energy: This year an estimated 2011 people were reached by teams putting up awareness raising notices and posters encouraging people to switch of lights and equipment when not needed, potentially saving 7,038kg CO2 per year.

Waste: An estimated 1920 people have been reached by teams raising awareness to print and photocopy doublesided, potentially saving 108,594kg CO2 and £40,220 on resource costs this year across the institution.

Waste: An estimated 1280 people have been reached by teams raising awareness around how to recycle different materials, potentially saving 41,068kg CO2.

The Green Impact Gold Award is presented to the team which has achieved the greatest number of actions against the programme workbook. This year, CEGE Green Group retained the Award which they won in 2011/12. Some of the elements which were identified by CEGE as key to their success included senior management support, engagement with and participation from the students and a collaborative approach to problem solving with all team members involved and given responsibility.

The Green UCL team would like to thank all the teams which took part. The programme will be running again in 2013/14 and we will be looking for even more teams to get involved.

  Mark Roberts Received Environmental Hero Award

Green Impact Award 2013 Enviro Hero

  Team Green Counts: Working Towards Bronze Accreditation

Green Impact Award 2013 Green counts

  Team PALS: Silver Accreditation

Green Impact Award 2013 PALS

  Team CEGE: Gold Accreditation

Green Impact Award 2013 Gold CEGE Lab

  Team Careers Service: Bronze Accreditation

Green Impact Award 2013 Careers Service

  Team Walk the Green Line: Bronze Accreditation

Green Impact Award 2013 Walk the green line

  Team Going for Green: Silver Accreditation

Green Impact Award 2013 Going for Green

  Team SSEES Library: Bronze Accreditation

Green Impact Award 2013 Library SSEES

  Team Green Darwin: Bronze Accreditation

Green Impact Award 2013 Green Darwin

  Team Facilities: Bronze Accreditation

Green Impact Award 2013 Facilities

   Thanking Joanna Romanowicz for all of her work

Green Impact Award 2013 Joanna