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Cities of Sleep

15 March 2017

Urban Lab Films: Cities of Sleep

Cities of Sleep Poster

6:20-8:35 PM 25 May 2017 

Urban Lab Films is hosting a screening of a new documentary ‘Cities of Sleep’, that looks at the homelessness situation (by night) in Delhi. The Urban Lab is partnering with Curzon Bloomsbury’s documentary screen Bertha DocHouse to bring the film to a UK audience. 

This fantastic film has received acclaim and awards since premiering last year.

Cities of Sleep website


  • Shaunak Sen (Director, Cities of Sleep)
  • Sushrut Jadhav (UCL Psychiatry and Camden NHS Homeless Outreach Services)
  • Deborah Garvie (Shelter)
  • David Eastwood (Greater London Authority)
  • Ruth Padel (poet and novelist)
  • Ben Campkin – chair (UCL Urban Laboratory)

This special screening is part of a collaboration led by UCL’s Dr Sushrut Jadhav, made possible by a grant from the UCL Global Engagement Office, and support from Urban Lab Films, the UCL Division of Psychiatry, and Bertha DocHouse.

Book Tickets at the Bertha DocHouse

[£12.50 / £10 concessions] (Tickets will be available from the 21st March)

Bertha DocHouse
Curzon Bloomsbury
The Brunswick