UCL Grand Challenges


Funding opportunities for UCL researchers

The Grand Challenges supports the work of researchers at UCL through strategic funding - allied to our Priority Themes - alongside 'bottom up' funding opportunities, for which any UCL academic can apply, partnering with at least one colleague from a different academic faculty.

There are a number of other small grants available at UCL, for example from:

All of the work that the Grand Challenges supports, through strategic support or small grant funding opportunities, helps to build relationships across UCL and is aimed at achieving impact: going some way towards solving one of the Grand Challenges facing our world.

UCL Grand Challenges advertise our small grants opportunities in term two of the academic year, but we invite speculative enquiries from interested UCL staff throughout the year. In addition, there are specific funding opportunities that arise.

Funding opportunities open now

French Embassy-funded Collaborative Science & Technology Workshops 
Researchers based at UCL are now invited to respond to the 6th Call for funds to organise collaborative workshops involving participants from UCL and from research institutions in France. For academic year 2017-18, the French Embassy’s Department of Science & Technology has kindly committed to provide up to £20,000 for support of between three and five workshops (depending on the quality and value for money of applications received). The closing date for applications is Monday 15th January, 2018.

Find out more and apply for this French Embassy funding

Funding opportunities past and future

There have been a number of funding opportunities for UCL academics through the Grand Challenges, including our annual call for Small Grants.

Small Grants

Grand Challenges awards for small grant-supported cross-disciplinary collaborative activities in 2017-18 have been made every year since the programme began in 2009. The latest awards were made in June 2017.

Find out about the latest Grand Challenges Small Grants awarded

The next call for Grand Challenges small grant proposals, for collaborative activities in 2018-19, will be announced in January 2018.

UCL 2034 Grants

In 2017, we awarded 8 grants to projects aligned to UCL 2034, the University's 20-year strategy, aimed at steering UCL towards its vision.

This was a one-off funding call, awarding up to £10,000 to successful projects.

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Doctoral School small grants

Over £29,000 was given to 16 projects in the first ever Grand Challenges small grants scheme aligned to the UCL Doctoral School, in 2017.

The scheme offered awards of up to £2,000 for pairs of doctoral students from different faculties for research-informed, societally relevant, cross-disciplinary activities to be undertaken in academic year 2017-18.

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UCL - HKU partnership awards

UCL connects with the Hong Kong University (HKU) Strategic Partnerships Fund through the Grand Challenges programme. Facilitated by the UCL Global Engagement Office, a new (2016-17) inter-institutional partnership with HKU encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration in support of research addressing global challenges, particularly issues affecting Hong Kong and its region of Asia.

Successful UCL applicants received up to £10k, while their HKU counterparts received up to HK$100k, facilitating each side’s activity in a joint study.

Find out about past awards made under the UCL - HKU partnership