• Introducing the UCL Grand Challenges 

    Introducing the UCL Grand Challenges

Small Grants 2016-17

2016-17 Small Grants
  • Up to £4,000 available for a wide range of societally relevant cross-disciplinary activities undertaken from 1 August 2016 to 31 July 2017
  • Applications must be led by UCL academic staff (postdoctoral level/equivalent or above or those with an honorary appointment), employed/based in different departments or, ideally, different faculties
  • External partnerships strengthening the objectives of UCL 2034, enhancing the impact and reputation of UCL, will be of particular interest
  • Guidance notes
  • Online application form
  • Application deadline: 9am, Wednesday, 1st June 2016

UCL Grand Challenges
brings researchers together, from diverse fields of expertise, to address global problems of societal importance.

Our Small Grants scheme encourages and supports cross-disciplinary activity based on scholarly excellence in different fields with the aim of producing novel insights and impacts both within our university, and beyond it in wider society.

We invite proposals for research-informed cross-disciplinary activities that have strong outward-looking trajectories, e.g. public events, workshops, exhibitions leading to publications and other outputs with high impact potential.  We encourage radical, cross-disciplinary collaborations across the UCL research community addressing one of the four established Grand Challenges or one of the two forthcoming additional Grand Challenges as described below.

The four established Grand Challenges are:

Global Health addresses issues of global health equity, preventable disease and the social determinants of health, to tackle the root causes of health inequality across the world

Human Wellbeing fosters novel responses to questions about the nature of being human and the nature of physical and mental wellbeing. It considers issues such as happiness, healthy ageing, behaviour and demographic change, and the social and ethical issues raised by advances in medical technology

Intercultural Interaction examines the causes and features of social and cultural diversity and understanding, including conflict, migration and religious extremism. It considers their implications and devises novel strategies to address them

Sustainable Cities finds ways to address issues including climate change, food production, access to water and other resources, and economic pressures, in order to help the world’s rapidly growing cities to become better for the people who live and work in them

Our forthcoming additional Grand Challenge:

Justice and Equality promotes attention to the barriers that people face in securing adequate healthcare, safe living and working conditions, education and employment. It asks how societal structures that limit access to just solutions or sustain persistent inequalities, either by design or unintentionally, can be overcome or improved

Transformative Technology will encourage cross-disciplinary approaches leading to the translation of insights from advances in science and engineering into prototypes and products with the potential to transform society, and the development of novel technological solutions to societal challenges.

Many globally important questions naturally bridge two or more Grand Challenge topics. Such applications to the scheme are welcome but applications must be made to one of these Challenges

Application deadline: 9am, Wednesday, 1 June 2016

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Apply for Small Grants Funding
  • A Word document for your answers to the free text questions, that can be cut and pasted into our online application form, is available.

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