UCL Collaborative Pioneer Awards

Call for funding proposals from UCL Arts & Humanities

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 11 May 2011

Fundamental to the UCL Research Strategy is the curiosity, expertise and excellence of its individual scholars and small groups. They advance knowledge and understanding by working at the forefront of their specialist disciplines.

UCL also believes that novel insights can arise through synthesising and contrasting the knowledge, perspectives and methodologies of experts in varied fields. Thus, in collaboration with UCL Grand Challenges, UCL Arts & Humanities is co-funding an opportunity for its academics to interact with colleagues beyond their faculty.

We invite applications for funding of such collaborative projects. The criteria are:

  • the lead applicant must be a permanent HEFCE / Category A REF staff member of UCL Arts & Humanities
  • the main collaborator must be a permanent HEFCE / Category A REF staff member of a different UCL faculty
  • the subject matter must be relevant to part of UCL Grand Challenges
  • proposed project should lead to research impact through, for example, public engagement, policy-related activity, grant applications to external funders, knowledge transfer/exchange or enterprise.

The award cannot be used for teaching buy-out.

Applicants must provide details of what the funding is required for, describing how it will help initiate or develop an interdisciplinary partnership or research idea, or develop the synthesis of research from different disciplines to produce impact. Written summaries of the project and its outcomes will be required; additionally, a short written reflection on the process of interdisciplinary collaboration will be required.

Applications are expected to be for between £500 and £3000. Priority will be given to lead applicants who are early career scholars.

Informal discussions in advance of application may be held with Dr Claire Warwick, Vice-Dean (Research), UCL Arts & Humanities.

Link: Application (doc)

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