UCL Grand Challenges


Grand Challenges Small Grants 2017-18

  • Up to £4,000 available for a wide range of research-informed, societally relevant, cross-disciplinary activities undertaken from 1 August 2017 to 31 July 2018

  • Up to £6,000 is available for proposals that address the GCSC Priority Theme of Urban Mobility, with additional funding from the UCL Transport Institute. Further details
  • Applications must be led by UCL academic staff members (honorary researchers included) at postdoctoral level (or equivalent) or above

What the scheme is for

UCL Grand Challenges provides a means to bring researchers and research-users together, from diverse fields of expertise, to address complex problems of societal importance. Proposals must address a Priority Theme in one of UCL’s six Grand Challenges.

Our Small Grants scheme exists to encourage and support grass-roots research-informed cross-disciplinary cooperation based on scholarly excellence in different fields, between staff in different faculties; or between staff in a faculty and staff in Professional Services (UCL’s in-house ‘research user’ community) with the aim of producing novel insights and impacts both within our university, and beyond it in wider society.

We invite proposals that have strong outward-looking trajectories, e.g. in the form of pilot studies, workshops, exhibitions, public events, etc, leading to publications and other outputs with high impact potential.  We encourage radical, cross-disciplinary collaborations between UCL researchers and research-users both within and outside the university.

External partners, in other academic institutions or in non-academic organisations, may be included as Additional Collaborators. Where appropriate, in the context of UCL’s institutional strategy, UCL 2034, in which London is a principal theme, we encourage collaboration with London-based organisations, including Local Authorities and community groups and associations.

Engagement with Grand Challenges, including through the programme’s small grants scheme, is encouraged by UCL’s institutional development strategy, UCL 2034. Grand Challenges exists to strengthen Applicants’ core research, enhance the visibility of their work outside their Faculty, Department or main discipline, and facilitate development of novel cross-disciplinary research collaborations. Grand Challenges therefore acts in supports of interested researchers’ normal research activity at UCL. For this reason HEFCE staff replacement, bench fees and teaching “buy out” are not admissible costs in applications for GC small grants.

How to apply

Please read the following webpages before you make an application:

Find out how to make an application to the Small Grants scheme now