S&T Workshop Call 2014–15

UCL French Embassy Science and Technology Workshops

Collaborative Science & Technology Workshops at UCL

A UCL Grand Challenges—French Embassy partnership activity

Second Call for Proposals—Academic Year 2014-15

UCL and the French Embassy’s Science & Technology Department commenced a five-year Collaboration Agreement in September 2012, to encourage and fund collaborative workshops with a science and/or technology focus. The first call in May 2013 resulted in awards for workshops on the seismic fragility of urban buildings and infrastructure, quantum technologies, the theoretical foundations of network analysis, and the chemical origins of life.

The workshop initiative follows a programme of annual cycles of UCL-French Embassy lectures – the first based on UCL’s Grand Challenges programme, the second on ‘Origins’ as a Research Frontiers theme, and the third (current cycle) on Engineering for Health and Wellbeing.

At least once during each year of the UCL-French Embassy Agreement, UCL through its website will announce a Call for Science & Technology Workshop Proposals, inviting researchers based at UCL to apply for funds to organise collaborative workshops involving participants from UCL and from research institutions in France. The French Embassy will also announce the call on its website. The French Embassy’s Department of Science & Technology has kindly committed to provide €22,500 annually for up to three workshops in each year that the agreement is in force.

This is the third call for Proposals. 

The third call for proposals will be announced in early January 2014, at the beginning of Term 2 of academic year 2013-14. More information about the call will be published here in January. The deadline for applications will be Monday 15 September 2014.

Criteria for selection of workshops.

A proposed workshop should:

(a) Take place, with the awarded funding spent, before 4 September 2014

(b) Be capable of being run at UCL’s facilities within the workshop budget (optimally €7,500 per workshop). It is intended that the budget for a workshop will, in addition to covering the costs of dinner for all participants on Day 1, and lunch and refreshment costs for all participants on Day 2 of the workshop, also support the travel, accommodation (one night) and subsistence costs of participants travelling from France.

(c) Be led by senior researchers from UCL and France (i.e. established academics / senior research fellows).

(d) Be suitable for a total of approximately 12 to 16 participants, including approximately 6 to 8 French participants.

(e) Have the aim of building on existing, or establishing new, links between UCL and French academic and research organisations.

(f) Seek to establish new approaches for possible research collaborations, including those needing input from researchers from diverse disciplinary and methodological backgrounds.

(g) Address, for example,

i. an S&T challenge at the frontiers of either basic or applied science
ii. one of UCL’s Grand Challenges of Global Health, Sustainable Cities, Intercultural Interaction or Human Wellbeing
iii.  a European Commission thematic programme

Format of workshop
A suggested workshop format is as follows:
Day 1: 14.00 Arrival at UCL (to enable same-day journey start)
  14.00-18.00  Workshop
  20.00-22.00  Dinner
Day 2: 09.00-13.00  Workshop continues
  13.00-14.00  Lunch
  14.00  Depart UCL (to enable same-day journey end)

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