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Am I eligible to attend a UCL graduation ceremony?

Everyone who receives a degree or graduate diploma from UCL is eligible to attend a graduation ceremony (this unfortunately does not apply to UCL Postgraduate Certificates, UCL Graduate Diplomas at undergraduate level or UCL College Diplomas).

Places at graduation ceremonies are not automatically allocated. You need to use the online booking site to indicate your wish to attend and purchase your ticket. You must do this before the deadline to guarantee your place. See the tickets page for more information.

You can check your eligibility by looking on your Portico homepage. If you are eligible, once the application process opens in February 2017 you will have a link to purchase tickets in the 'Graduation Ceremonies' container. If you feel you are eligible but do not have a link please contact the Student Support and Events Team.

You do not have to attend a ceremony and your award is not affected by your attendance. We do not present degree certificates at graduation ceremonies, this is sent to you within three months of your award date.

When will my graduation ceremony be?

If you have just completed or are about to complete a degree through the Institute of Education (IOE) please refer to the IOE eligibility page.

UCL Undergraduates - 

Attendance at the 2017 Graduation Ceremonies is subject to undergraduate students having a conferred award on their student record by 01 July 2017. Any undergraduate student who does not have a conferred award by 01 July 2017 will automatically have their attendance and tickets cancelled, their payment refunded and will be given the opportunity to attend a graduation ceremony in 2018.

Any undergraduate given the option to choose an Ordinary Degree or resit might also have their attendance for 2017 cancelled. Please refer to your department for details about Ordinary Degrees.

If a student registered on a four year undergraduate programme (expecting to complete their studies in June 2018) wishes to change to a three year programme to complete in 2017 and attend the 2017 ceremonies, the change must be active on Portico by 01 April 2017.

UCL Taught Graduates -

If you are a Taught Graduate student you must have had an award on your record by 01 April 2017 in order to attend a 2017 ceremony. Taught Graduates with an award conferred on their student record after 01 April 2017 will be invited to attend the 2018 ceremonies.

UCL Research Graduates -

Research Graduate students are selected for the ceremonies based on their award date and when the award is issued. To be eligible to attend the graduation ceremonies in 2017, your degree must be awarded on, or before, the 28th April 2017. If you wish to be invited to the ceremonies, please make sure you have met all the requirements for award before this date. If you have any queries refer to Research Graduates with an award conferred on their student record after 28 April 2017 will be invited to attend the 2018 ceremonies.

Degree Awarding Powers (DAP)

UCL was granted degree awarding powers in 2005. Before this all students studying at UCL will have received an award from the University of London. These changes mean there will be some students who are awarded by UCL and some who will still receive a University of London award. You can check your awarding institution on your PORTICO record. The institution awarding your qualification effects the certificate you receive and the academic dress you wear at your graduation ceremony.  For further information see


Degree certificates are not handed out at graduation ceremonies. You therefore do not need to attend a ceremony to receive your certificate. All certificates are posted to the 'contact' address given on Portico.

For degree certificate queries please refer to one of the following:

  • For those with a UCL award - Email the UCL Assessment and Student Records office at
  • For those with a University of London award - Contact the University of London Diploma Production and Dispatch office at

Your UCL Graduation Ceremony


Congratulations! You have or are about to, complete a degree or graduate diploma at UCL.

Your graduation ceremony is a celebration of your achievement. It is a time to get together with family, friends and colleagues to acknowledge your success before moving on to the next phase of your career.

The best way to get the most from your day is to plan!


An official transcript detailing examinations taken and results achieved is automatically sent to all students. For further information on transcripts and how to get additional copies see the transcripts web page .