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Staff Attendance at UCL Graduation Ceremonies

It is with pleasure that we invite all academic staff to attend UCL's 2015 Graduation Ceremonies and represent their department as part of the Academic Procession. It is very special to both our graduands and their guests to share this memorable occasion with the staff who have supported them throughout their time at UCL. On their behalf we do encourage you to participate in these important UCL events.

When are the 2015 Graduation Ceremonies?

We will be holding a total of 27 graduation ceremonies this year. There will be two ceremonies on 03 July 2015 and two on 08 July 2015. These July ceremonies will be held at the Royal Festival Hall. The other 23 ceremonies will take place from 24 August 2015 - 04 September 2015 in our venue in Bedford Square Garden.

The ceremony schedule for staff to reference can be viewed on the link below:

2015_Confirmed_Schedule - for Staff Reference ONLY

For more information about the venues and access please see our Access and Venue pages.

Can I still apply to attend?

The online form has now closed. If you would like to check about joining the Academic Procession for the August and September ceremonies please email Kate Jones at

Staff who have already confirmed their attendance will get an email to confirm the arrangements for the day in July.


There will be a reception following the graduation ceremony and all members of staff attending the ceremony as part of the Academic Procession will be given access to this.

For ceremonies in July the receptions will take place in the Blue Bar and Green Bar at the Royal Festival Hall. Staff will be issued with a wristband for admission to the reception areas when they arrive at the Green Room. Further details will be sent about this once staff confirm their attendance at these ceremonies.

Receptions for the August and September ceremonies will again be held within Bedford Square Garden in a reception structure adjacent to the ceremony structure. Further details will be sent about this once staff confirm their attendance at these ceremonies.

Professional Services Staff Attendance

If you are a member of staff who would like to inquire about a seat in the auditorium please email Kate Jones at These will be subject to availability.

Your UCL Graduation Ceremony


Congratulations! Your graduation ceremony is a celebration of your achievement. It is a time to get together with family, friends and colleagues to acknowledge your success before moving on to the next phase of your career.

The dates for the 2015 Graduation Ceremonies are:

03 & 08 July 2015

24 - 28 August 2015

01 - 04 September 2015

Suggested schedules for students attending ceremonies in August/September 2015:

10:45am Graduation Ceremony (Morning)

2:45pm Graduation Ceremony (Afternoon)

6:45pm Graduation Ceremony (Evening)

Please read the Schedules carefully noting the timings for Robing, Registration and to be seated in the auditorium.