Student Enrolment

Student Enrolment

All UCL Qatar programmes are currently open for applications. We are pleased to confirm an application deadline of 1 June 2015 for the Library Studies and Diploma programmes, and an extended deadline of 1 June 2015 for the Archaeology, Conservation and Museum Studies programmes.

We recommend that candidates apply as soon as possible before the deadline, particularly students from overseas who will require a visa to study in Qatar, and students who will be applying for any of the UCL Qatar Scholarships on offer.

All courses will commence on 30 August 2015. Please follow the 'Apply Now' link below to submit an application. For further guidance, contact

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UCL Qatar News

The Crowded Desert Project Photo 1

Dispatches from Umm Al-Ma’a: The Crowded Depression

Dr Laura Morabito, Researcher in Archaeology, and Dr Jose Carvajal Lopez, Lecturer in Islamic Archaeology, share the latest update from The Crowded Desert. More...

Published: Apr 27, 2015 3:21:26 PM

Jordan Conference audience

UCL Qatar partners Hashemite University for Conservation Conference

UCL Qatar has partnered with Hashemite University’s Queen Rania Faculty of Tourism and Heritage to host a unique one day conference in Amman entitled Conservation in Jordan: What has been done and what is needed? More...

Published: Apr 22, 2015 2:58:26 PM

Al Bidda 1860

Searching for Historic Bidda: Ground Penetrating Radar Survey in Qatar

Under the gently rolling green parkland of Al Bidda Park in central Doha, there lies a secret. It is likely a settlement existed at Al Bidda at least from the 18th century, making it the oldest town in this part of Qatar. A map of Doha and Al Bidda produced in the 1860s shows two settlements;the town of Doha is surrounded by a city wall with fortified towers and Al Bidda is defended by a rectangular fort. Throughout the 19th century the two settlements of Al Bidda and Doha co-existed as separate towns, but continued to grow in size and importance. Early in the 20th century the two merged into a single city. More...

Published: Mar 31, 2015 9:16:27 AM

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