Student Enrolment

Student Enrolment

All UCL Qatar programmes are currently open for applications. We are pleased to confirm an application deadline of 1 June 2015 for the Library Studies and Diploma programmes, and an extended deadline of 1 June 2015 for the Archaeology, Conservation and Museum Studies programmes.

We recommend that candidates apply as soon as possible before the deadline, particularly students from overseas who will require a visa to study in Qatar, and students who will be applying for any of the UCL Qatar Scholarships on offer.

All courses will commence on 30 August 2015. Please follow the 'Apply Now' link below to submit an application. For further guidance, contact

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Figure 1

A palace underneath the wheat? Qantir-Piramesse project prepares upcoming excavation season

Figure 1
Last week Dr Henning Franzmeier, Field Director for UCL Qatar’s archaeological project in Egypt’s north-eastern Nile Delta, travelled to the country in order to prepare planned fieldwork for the autumn season. More...

Published: Jun 1, 2015 1:47:27 PM

Archaeology Internship Otrar Kazakhstan

UCL Qatar Master's students start internships at renowned local and international museums

UCL Qatar’s 2015 class of Museum Studies, Conservation and Archaeology students are currently embarking on four week work placements at leading local, regional and international museums, art galleries and archaeological sites. More...

Published: May 25, 2015 2:36:40 PM

2015 UCL Qatar Graduation 1

Highlights from the UCL Qatar Graduation Ceremony 2015

Take a look back at some of our favourite memories from our UCL Qatar Graduation Ceremony 2015.

Published: May 10, 2015 3:22:12 PM

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