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UCL students donate £10,000 to charity

19 September 2012

Ten UCL students were able to help a charity of their choice after receiving a 1-UCL Award for their own non-academic community achievements.

The 1-UCL Awards, funded by Santander Universities, aim to foster the notion of UCL as a community. They also aim to highlight and reward outstanding achievement or endeavour by current UCL students in a non–academic field.

All winners of the 1–UCL Awards are granted £1,000, which is paid by Santander Universities directly to a charity of the winner’s choosing.

Janice Lee (MB, BS Medicine) donated money to Third Age Project

“I was nominated for the award because of my role as a volunteer befriender with the Third Age Project (TAP) since October 2009. During these three years I have regularly visited Jessie, an isolated and elderly lady. Besides visiting her every week, I ring her to check that she is okay and take her shopping in Camden Town on Saturday mornings. I feel that doing this has helped her maintain her independence in her own home and decreased feelings of isolation that can arise when one lives alone and has limited mobility.

“I donated the £1,000 to the Third Age Project, because of the work being done to serve the older people within Camden. This centre is highly popular in the community because of its aims to serve the needs of the local population regardless of background or ethnic origin.

“I felt very humbled when I heard that I was being recognised for my volunteering activities because this wasn't something I did to achieve recognition for. I have learnt so much from the people I volunteer with and am grateful to have been given opportunities to serve in the little ways that I am able to, and also for the support I've had from various people. Receiving this award is the icing on the cake and I am truly appreciative and thankful for it.”

Rachel Er (BSc Economics) donated money to War Child UK

“I was nominated by the Volunteering Services Unit (VSU) at UCL for my work managing the UCLU Volunteering Society (VolSoc). During my time at VolSoc I explored various ways of engaging and encouraging students to spend time volunteering as a way of giving back to the community.

“I feel very fortunate to be able to study at UCL when there are people in the world who do not have access to even basic necessities, let alone a good education. This motivated me to donate the £1,000 to War Child UK because of the amazing work they do to try and help children whose lives have been dramatically changed and torn apart by war.”

Christopher Bricogne (MBPhD Medicine) donated money to Anthony Nolan
“I was nominated for setting up and running UCL Marrow over the last two years. UCL Marrow works alongside Anthony Nolan to recruit healthy students from UCL to the bone marrow register. A bone marrow donation can be a complete cure and a second chance at life for people suffering from blood cancers. I am an MBPhD student doing my PhD in cancer immunology so this is a cause close to my heart. Since setting up UCL Marrow we have recruited over 700 students to the register.

“I was honoured to receive the award and pleased to be able to contribute the money to such a deserving cause – Anthony Nolan. I could not have set up or run UCL Marrow without Amy Evans, Rachel Eyre, Katie Evans, Jonathan Gaughran, the VSU or the UCL Marrow Committee so this award is for them too.”

William Mayor (MRes Security Science) donated money to RaspberryPi Foundation
“I was nominated for my work this year on the RaspberryPython volunteering project. I started the project in order to teach school children how to programme computers. I went to a girls' school in Tower Hamlets and taught Python for eight weeks.

“I donated the money to the charity behind the RaspberryPython project, the RaspberryPi Foundation. The charity aims to get the younger generation interested in computer programming and have created a computer called the RaspberryPi that they sell for $30, which is affordable enough for every child to have.

“Running the project was reward enough but knowing that I could help out the charity that made the project possible was a great addition.”

Hannah James (BSc Human Sciences) donated money to Westminster Befriend a Family (WBAF)
“I was nominated for the award for volunteering at Westminster Befriend a Family (WBAF) on their swimming project for an hour each week. I taught a class of up to 10 vulnerable children between the ages of eight and 14. I donated the £1,000 to WBAF so they can continue to support vulnerable/disadvantaged families on low incomes, facing mental or physical ill health, language barriers or coping with disabilities.

“I was happily surprised to win this award, it was lovely to be thanked for my hard work, but the best bit was being able to give the award to WBAF. I hope to continue volunteering with them throughout my degree.”

Eleanor Trezise (MSci Natural Sciences) donated money to UCLU Women’s Rugby Football Club

“I was nominated for this award because of the projects I set up as the Be a Champion Ambassador (AKA Olympics Ambassador) for UCL and UCLU and my work as UCLU Women's Rugby Football Club Captain. I organised and raised funds for a Paralympic Sports Taster Day of which 40 adults and children from the local community attended. Several UCL student volunteers helped me to run the event. I also organised a taster wheelchair rugby session for UCLU Women's RFC. Both were to raise the profile of para-sports, highlight the difficulties disabled people face and encourage further volunteering with disabled people for both the participants and volunteers.

“I have donated the prize money to UCLU WRFC because of their dedication to volunteering both in and out of sports-related projects in the local community. They are about to enter BUCS Premiership South for the first time and £1,000 is just enough to pay for a new kit! I wanted to make this contribution to help the club continue to succeed beyond expectations.”

Dominic Putt (BSc Geography) donated money to UCLU RAG Society

“I was nominated for this award for my role as President of the UCLU RAG Society. I decided to donate the £1,000 back to the RAG Society because it has played a huge part in my university experience, helping me to meet loads of new people and develop a whole new range of skills at the same time. Last year, RAG received £700 in additional funding for its activities, which lead to us raising over £24,000 for eight different charities. So with the £1,000 I have donated I hope they will go on to raise even more money for lots more worthy causes.”

The full list of winners and their chosen charities is listed below:

Christopher Bricogne Anthony Nolan
Rachel Er War Child UK
Hannah James Westminster Befriend a Family
Janice Lee Third Age Project
William Mayor Raspberry PI Foundation
Michelle Parfitt UCLU Women’s Rugby Football Club
Amy Pulsford GI Trust ASCO
Dominic Putt UCLU Rag Society
Eleanor Trezise UCLU Women’s Rugby Football Club
Louise Wadsworth Eaves