International strategy

The UCL International Strategy 2012-2017 is available to download. A summary of the strategy is publicly available, the full strategy is password-protected for UCL staff to access.

Professionally printed copies of the summary are available to staff who wish to present external visitors with a copy. If you think this would be useful for a visit you are planning please contact Nigel Percival, in the Office for International Affairs, at Copies can be provided immediately but if you require 50 or more please get in touch at least two weeks before the visit or event.

Development of the new Global Engagement Strategy

A consultation is currently underway to discuss the direction and development of the new Global Engagement Strategy, led by Vice Provost (International), Dame Nicola Brewer. If you would like to be involved in these discussions or find out more about the international strategy please contact Nigel Percival, Director, Office for International Affairs at

International Strategy 2012-2017 summary International Strategy 2012-2017