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Malaria Workshop

Malaria and the African diaspora

Saturday, 29th September 2012, 9am - 3pm

Event Flyer

Malaria is a totally preventable and treatable disease that kills about 655,000 people every year. Most victims are children under age 5 and pregnant women in Africa. Malaria is also be a major health issue for members of the African diaspora living in Britain and people who travel regularly to Africa other endemic areas.

The UK is leading global efforts to fight malaria. The African diaspora through the Africa-UK programme seeks to increase awareness, information, education in the UK and in Africa to motivate low-cost high-impact actions to strengthen the efforts to fight against malaria and explore ways to mobilize the diaspora to help eradicate this disease.

Please email events@cameroon-forum.org or phone +44 (0)7897 139 395, f.a.o. Ralph Tanyi

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