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The gene that can transform mild influenza in to a life threatening disease

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Paul Kellam

A genetic finding could help to explain why influenza becomes a life-threatening disease for some people, and yet has only a mild effect on others. Collaborative research led by scientists at UCL and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute found that people who carry a particular variant of the IFITM3 gene are significantly more likely to be hospitalised when they fall ill with influenza than those who carry other variants.

World TB Day at UCL

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World TB Day

A conference titled ‘Tuberculosis: Local and Global’ is being held today (24 March) at UCL to mark World TB Day.

N Sethia Foundation funds next generation of robotic surgeons in London

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N Sethia Foundation funds robotic surgeons

The UK's first robotic surgery training centre has opened at the University College Hospital (UCH) with plans to offer pioneering specialist training to healthcare professionals from all around the world.

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