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UCL Grand Challenge of Global health (GCGH): Upcoming Events

These are the listings of upcoming UCL and non-UCL global health events. To keep up to date on upcoming events you can sign up to our newsletter.

To view videos, photos and articles from previous events please visit the Previous Events page.


20 - 29 January 2016

African Voices

UCL will formally launch its African Studies Research Centre with a series of events at the end of January 2016. The events will be held under the title 'African Voices @UCL' and have been funded by UCL Grand Challenges. African Voices will emphasize our goal of co-producing knowledge about Africa with African colleagues on the continent and in the diaspora. You can find further details on the African Studies Research Centre website.

26th January 2016

African Question Time

This will be a topical discussion in which our panel of visitors from Senegal, Uganda and South Africa are posed questions by the audience at UCL and (via the miracle of technology) by students from around Africa. 'What are the opportunities and challenges that Africa faces in the future? What are the big current issues for higher education in Africa? What differences will it make to Africa now that half the population live in cities? What should the priorities be in African health sectors? Do traditional rulers have any role to play in African politics?"

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29th January 2016

Whose agenda is it? How African scientists struggle to contribute to innovation in the Global Health Arena

African sciences and scientists are growing and increasing and there is much donor interest. Many African scientists seem to be thriving, however, because of system weaknesses and limited local resources, there is a huge demand on the few good scientists and as such, there is variable effectiveness and efficiency in terms of outputs. How do these scientists manage?

Speaker:  Dr Peter Waiswa, Makerere University, Uganda

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