UCL Grand Challenge of Global Health

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UCL Grand Challenge of Global health (GCGH): Previous Events

14th January

My Friends are my Anchors

Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre

Speakers: Dr Mary Wickenden, Dr Katie Caryer, Carole Pound and Jasvinder Khosa

 This series of presentations explored identity and meanings of friendship in the context of communication disability.

16th January 

Climate Crisis Question Time

Following the 2009 Lancet-UCL Commission on Climate Change, international experts have come together in a new commission to respond to the health emergency of climate change. This event gave an opportunity to question those experts - climate scientists, economists, energy and health professionals - on potential ways forward

See photos from the event

Learn more about the commission

21st January    

The complexity of decision making

For those wanting to make the best decisions for global health...

UCL Honorary Professor Noreena Hertz discussed her new book Eyes Wide Open which considers how to improve decision-making; managing information excess; assessing the credibility of information; and making best use of advice. Chaired by Professor Jo Wolff (UCL Philosophy) with panelists Professor Susan Michie (UCL Health Psychology), Professor Wendy Carlin (UCL Economics) and Dr Claire Craig (Deputy Head of the Government Office for Science).

26th February

Engineering Global Health Solutions

Do solutions to global health problems lie in the hands of engineers and medical physicists? How can the two fields of engineering and global health combine to come up with smart interventions to world health problems? In this symposium, Professor Quentin Pankhurst, Professor Nick Tyler, Professer Clare Elwell and Dr Ed Fottrell showed how cutting edge technology can be adapted to developing country settings – and what can be achieved with a bar of soap and a piece of string. The evening gave an exciting insight into what can happen when the worlds of engineering and health combine forces, to the benefit of all.

5th March

Trauma and Global Health

Free public discussion by acclaimed writer, psychiatrist and anthropologist Richard Rechtman, on the topic of trauma and care in the context of global health - especially among refugee populations.

24th March

World TB Day

We marked world TB day with a call to reach the 3 million sufferers who are missed by healthcare systems each year.

You can find videos and slides from the day here

20th November 

2014 Lancet Lecture 

The Half-Life of Caste - The ill-health of a nation

Speaker: Arundhati Roy

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27 November 2014

Forced marriage: the real disgrace

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10th December

The End of Poverty? The post 2015 Agenda and Global Health

Professor David Hulme asked whether post-2015 is an opportunity to promote the end of poverty, and global health as social norms, or whether mistakes of the Millennium Development Goals process are set to be repeated

20th November

European Antibiotic Awareness Day

A response to the UK Department of Health's Antibiotiotic Resistance strategy, with speakers on the themes of improving antibiotic stewardship, and improving knowledge and understanding of antimicrobial resistance

6th November

UCL Lancet Lecture: charity does not rhyme with development

Dr Agnes Binagwaho, Rwanda's Minister for Health, gave a thought provoking lecture on fighting disease and fighting poverty in Africa.

15th October

Global growth vs human health: finding the balance

Population growth, global health, economic development and climate change are some of the big challenges we face in the 21st century. This talk took a historical look at how they are interconnected, and what that might mean for the future.
17th June

Where have all the men gone? Health, gender and social justice

This talk analysed evidence that gender norms drive some of these differences in health outcomes, and will suggest how we might move forward to develop a truly gender-equitable global health approach.

  21st May

Community-Based Maternal and Newborn Care

 The first in a series of joint LSHTM-UCL Global Health symposiums will start with keynote talks from Prof Joy Lawn and Dr David Osrin.

 25 March

UCL World TB Day Conference - Targeting Zero Deaths from TB: Progress, Reality and Hope

This year’s World TB Day event was run in conjunction with The Lancet Infectious Diseases and reflected the activity of UCL and its collaborators.

7 March

Disability and the Life Course Series: Disability and Adulthood

Barbara Murray, Senior Disability Specialist at the International Labour Organisation joinedthe UCL Global Disability Research Group to discuss issues surrounding disability and adulthood.

27 - 28 February

International Conference on Homelessness, Health and Inclusion

Professor Sir Michael Marmot speaks at the UK Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health’s first international conference on improving the health of the poorest fastest.

8 February Global Food Security: Creating resilience in the face of catastrophic climate change

This event  provided an opportunity to bring together expertise in health, policy, agriculture, ecosystems and climate science to explore and debate these linkages.
2 February Introduction to Global Health

The first Introduction to Global Health Conference organised by UCL's Global Health Societies and hosted by the Institute for Global Health.  The conference looked at he key issues in child and maternal health care,  what is it like to work in a war zone and what does the job of a public health specialist entail?
29 January Grand Challenges Showcase Reception

The showcase displayed the range of cross-disciplinary work that has been funded under the Grand Challenges Small Grants programme. All of the previous recipients of small grants funding have prepared posters covering their cross disciplinary work.

4 December
Panel debate in Parliament: The Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Time Bomb
21 November
Institute of Child Health Open Day & Poster Competition
With special guest lecture by Prof Eleanor Maguire, Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging
13 November
UCL Lancet Lecture
With Mr Michel Sidib
é, Executive Director of UNAIDS
30 October Festival of Chinese Film and the Body 2012: Love for Life (Global health theme)
With Q & A with Director, Gu Changwei
25 October

A Seminar Focussing on Disabled Children in East Africa
Eleanor Challenger, Julia McGeown and Leonie Farrow
3 October Challenges for Mother and Child Health:perspectives from Southern Africa
Prof Ebrahim memorial lecture with Dr Zawairi, WHO Representative in Malawi

3 October Contemporary Debates in Global Health: the UCL perspective
UCL Institute for Global Health Grand Symposium
29 September Malaria and the African diaspora
Malaria workshop
2-3 July Current Legal Issues Colloquium: Law & Global Health
Convened by Prof Michael Freeman (UCL Laws) with Dr Sarah Hawkes (UCL Institute of Global Health) and Prof Belinda Bennett (University of Sydney)
20 June
Lessons for Global Health from India
UCL Interdisciplinary Society for International Development, UCL Grand Challenge of Global Health and UCL Public Policy joint symposium and poster exhibition
13 June
Beyond Social Exclusion: Emerging Logics of Expulsion
Joint Grand Challenge of Global health and Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities event with Prof Saskia Sassen
11 June
Launch of the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases Secretariat at UCL
With lecture by Dr Francis Collins with introduction by Prof Sir John Tooke
7 June
Postgraduate/PhD Employer Forum - Careers in UK & Global Health Forum
For research students to network with employers from the UK & global health sector

29 May
Tackling Depression: The Most Common Global Illness
22nd UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium
4 May
The Central Place of Adolescence in Global Health
Joint symposium with London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UCL Institute for Global Health, University of Melbourne and the Lancet
23 March
Tuberculosis: Local and global
UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH One-Day Conference to mark Worl TB Day

22 February
Tackling the Health Divide: From Western Europe to Eastern Europe and Central Asia
21st UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium
15 February
Transformative Education for Global Health
One-Day Symposium
15 February How Can We Set Priorities in Health Fairly?
UCL Centre for Philosophy, Justice & Health Conference
14 February
Shareholder Engagement in the Embedded Business Corporation: Investment Activism, Human Rights and TWAIL Discourse
UCL Centre for Ethics & Law
13 February
Global women's rights: A Journey
Dr Laura Nelson, Womankind Worldwide
18 January
Child Maltreatment: A six-country comparison of trends and policy
20th UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium

28 November
Economic Growth and Women’s Health Outcomes: A deepening divide?
Professor Jayati Ghosh, Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi) and the International Development Economics Associates
UCL Lancet Lecture
15 June
Reducing Maternal Deaths: China's efforts since the 1950s
19th UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium
25 - 26 May
UCL-Leverhulme Trust Population Footprints Conference
A UCL and Leverhulme Trust conference on human population growth and global carrying capacity
25 May
21st Century challenges: Addressing population, development and climate change
UCL-Leverhulme Trust Population Footprints Lecture
24 May
My Vision of the World
UCL-Leverhulme Trust Population Footprints Debate
24 March
Tackling Tuberculosis on a Global Scale
Marking World TB Day
23 February
Renaissance in AIDS Prevention: Advances in new technologies
18th UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium
19 January
Ecocide: The fifth crime against peace?
17th UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium

22 November
Overcoming Public Health Challenges: Meeting the Millennium Development Goals
UCL-Lancet Lecture

20 October From 3 by 5 to 0 by 15: HIV treatment in rural South Africa
16th UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium
14 October
What Can Students do for Global Health?
UCL Medsin
The Pleasures of the Bed: Jeremy Bentham on sex, population and happiness
15th UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium
19 May
The Global Burden of Mental Health Disorders: Taking a primary care approach
14th UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium
24 March

The Challenge of TB: UCL's contribution
Symposium marking World TB Day  

10 February

Evidence-Based Decision-Making: Who’s counting the evidence and whose evidence counts?
13th UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium
26 January
Sex Workers: Stigma and barriers to health
12th UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium

29 November
Climate Change: The biggest global health threat of the 21st century?
The Right Honourable Lord May, member of the UK Government Committee on Climate Change
UCL Annual Lancet Lecture
24 November
Climate Change and Global Citizenship: The contributions of human health, pharmacy and veterinary science
Institute of Education, the UCL Institute for Global Health, the Royal Veterinary College, the School of Pharmacy and the London International Development Centre
8 October
Disability and Women’s Health: Emerging issues in an overlooked population
UCL Global Disability Research Group Seminar Series
7 Oct - 16 Dec
Capability, Health and Measurement
UCL Centre for Philosophy, Justice & Health Seminar Series
9 September
Coming of Age for Adolescent Health
11th UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium
24 - 25 August
Southern Africa 2020 Vision: Public policy priorities for the next decade
Conference in Windhoek, Namibia, sponsored by UCL Futures and The Wellcome Trust
UCL Health & Society Summer School
10 June
Fatal Neglect: Forgotten issues in child health
10th UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium
8 June Managing the Health Effects of Climate Change: What next?
UCL and The Lancet symposium at Chatham House
14 - 15 May
The Human Right to Health Conference
UCL Centre for Philosophy, Justice & Health conference, in association with The Lancet, the UCL Institute of Global Health and the UCL Institute for Human Rights
16 March
Straight Talking: Population growth and family planning
9th UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium
21 January
The Crisis in Global Finance & Trade: What are the implications for health?
8th UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium

8 - 9 December

UCL Centre for Philosophy, Justice & Health: Launch Conference

4 December
Too Hot to Handle? The climate change time bomb for public health
UCL and British Museum Debate
10 December
Human Rights and Disability: The missing 10%
7th UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium
24 November
Equity, Global Health and the Fight against Disease
Prof Michel Kazatchkine, Executive Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
UCL–Lancet Lecture
22 November
Nigeria: Partnership for Health – Restoring Health to the Agenda
Conference hosted by the Medical Association of Nigerian Specialists and GPs (MANSAG), the Nigerian Public Health Network, Tropical Health and Educational Trust, the UCL Institute for Global Health and AfricaRecruit
26-28 November
The World Health Organization and the Social Determinants of Health: Assessing theory, policy and practice
International conference organised by the Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL, in association with UCL Epidemiology & Public Health and the Global Health Histories Initiative of the World Health Organisation
  Closing the Gap in a Generation: Health Equity through Action on the Social Determinants of Health
International two-day conference based on the work of the WHO Commission on the Social Determinants of Health
3-5 November
Ganesha and Murugan: India psychiatry encounters medical anthropology, Chennai
UCL and the Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health
25-26 October
Power and Politics in Global Health
Medsin National Conference
  A New Global Public Health Movement? Managing the health effects of climate change
6th UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium
16 October
Launch of Global Health Watch 2: An Alternative World Health Report
UCL Institute for Global Health and Zed Books
  Global Health Equity and the World Health Organization’s Commission for Social Determinants in Health
5th UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium
24-28 June
Groundwater and Climate in Africa
International conference in Kampala, Uganda, organised by UCL, UNESCO and the Ministry of Water and Environment (Uganda)
13 May
Global Health Governance: Who is accountable to whom?
4th UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium
  HIV/AIDS: With no magic bullet, where to next?
3rd UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium
  Public Inconvenience: The politics of toilets in India
2nd UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium
12 February
Global Health: What’s justice go to do with it?
1st UCL Institute for Global Health and GCGH Symposium

M:Health Conference 

27th & 28th January 

How can mobile technology improve health in low and middle income countries

More details

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