UCL Grand Challenge of Global Health

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Core Modules

15 credits x 4 modules = 60 credits

In order to give you a solid background of knowledge and skills in global health and development, the following four modules are compulsory in Term 1 for MSc, PGDip and PGCert programmes.These modules run over a five-week period. You are required to attend lectures, seminars and group work for approximately 2 days per module per week. Details of assessment dates and times at the end of each module will be made available during the introductory sessions.

Concepts and Controversies in Global Health

This module will set out some of the central concepts and debates in global health in this era of rapid globalisation. You will be introduced to concepts of global health and sources of information, as well as develop a conceptual framework to illustrate the multiple determinants of health which result in inequalities in health within and between countries. A special emphasis will be placed on the broad, wider upstream determinants of health like gender, culture, health systems, the environment, socioeconomic position and employment.

Research Methods and Evidence for Global Health

This module will equip you to understand how evidence influences change in global health policy. You will be introduced to the types of evidence used in global health research and policy making. You will explore what counts as evidence in global health and the processes through which research is translated into policy. The module will also introduce you to the principles of epidemiological study design, basic statistical and epidemiological concepts, qualitative research and critical appraisal skills.

Power and Politics in Global Health

This module will introduce you to the ways in which global health is influenced by power relations, explore case studies and dilemmas, and provide analytical tools for thinking through the politics of global health. You will consider key controversies and challenges in global health governance and examine how they are shaped by power relations. You will focus particularly on how global health issues and interventions are shaped politically and be invited to think about how the global health landscape can be negotiated and changed to promote health for all.

Health Systems in a Global Context

This module will introduce students to the fundamental elements of health systems in different parts of the world. Covering the financing and organisation of health systems, and key issues related to the demand for and supply of health care, students will be asked to critically engage with policy responses to important health system problems, as well as the overall performance of health systems. Policy problems addressed will include: equity in the financing and provision of health care; quality of care and responsiveness to health system users; as well as issues related to the use of human resources, pharmaceuticals and tehcnology in health systems. Lectures in this module are shared between MSc International Child Health and MSc Global Health and Development students, but students will have separate, weekly tutorials focussed on aspects of heatlh systems relevant to their degree pathway.

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