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Sarah Hawkes

Sarah Hawkes is a medical doctor with a degree in sociology and a PhD in epidemiology. She is Professor of Global Public Health at University College London where she leads a research theme analysing the use of evidence in policy processes, particularly in relation to gender and health, and sexual health. She is also Director of the newly established UCL Centre for Gender and Global Health

Sarah has lived and worked for much of the past 20 years in Asia, where she has gathered evidence, built capacity and helped develop policy for programmes focusing on gender, sexual health and rights. She works closely with national governments, civil society organisations, research partners, WHO and UNFPA in Asia and the Middle East. She is also part of the Equippps network, made up of academics, policy makers, development practitioners and other stakeholders researching the role of Public Private Partnerships in development.

From 2012-1014, Sarah was Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow in International Public Engagement, and focused on the use of public engagement in policy processes.