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Business Ethics, Supply Chains and a Living Wage

3 March 2014

UCL generic
3 April 2014
  • Date: 3 April 2014, 5.30-7pm - drinks reception will follow.
  • Location: Christopher Ingold XLG1 Chemistry LT, 20 Gordon Street, WC1H 0AJ
  • Online registration here. 
  • Professor Jeremy Moon, Nottingham University
  • Dr Rory Sullivan, Ethix SRI Advisors
  • Mr Luke Wilde, Director of Twenty Fifty
  • Ms Rachel Wilshaw, Ethical Trade Manager for Oxfam GB
  • Chair: Mr Stephen Rubin

The IGG will be hosting a roundtable event in April 2014 bringing together leading figures to discuss the question of business ethics, supply chains and a living wage.  A relatively new issue-area, the campaign to embed a living wage into global supply chains, provides a powerful example of the interplay of ethical and business-led transformation.

This event will survey a rapidly evolving global policy domain and highlight some of the key questions likely to feature prominently in any concerted effort to establish a living wage in global supply chains, from the vantage point of four key governance actors:

  1. Developing supplier-country government: Prof Jeremy Moon, Nottingham University
  2. Institutional investor: Dr Rory Sullivan, Ethix SRI Advisors
  3. Multinational corporation: Mr Luke Wilde, Director of Twenty Fifty
  4. International CSO: Ms Rachel Wilshaw, Ethical Trade Manager, Oxfam GB

Each participant will be requested to argue from their designated perspective (i.e. that of an investor, government etc) in response to the core question: ‘Is a living wage something business and government can and should support?’  They will have 10 minutes to lay out their position, and they have been encouraged to be forthright and provocative.  On this occasion, participants are being requested to play a role.  The panel will then engage in a debate, led by the facilitator, while requested to stay in their allocated role.  They will have free rein to be polemical with a view to highlighting the key faultlines in the debate.

The objective of the meeting will be to take stock of current thinking on the living wage debate from a range of vantage points.  By giving free rein to express positions in clear unequivocal terms (and acknowledging that they may be somewhat stereotypical), the participants will contribute to mapping out the fundamental coordinates of the debate, the diverse incentives in play, stated and unstated assumptions, and how governance innovation may offer a solution to achieving the systematic payment of a living wage in global supply chains.

The evening will be opened by UCL Institute of Global Governance Director Prof. David Coen and will be followed by a diverse panel of business, human rights and supply chain experts, chaired by Mr Stephen Rubin (UCL Fellow). It will be followed by a drinks reception.

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