Global Disability Research


UCL Futures Grant

The UCL Global Disability Research Group have been awarded funding from UCL Futures to hold a four part seminar series followed by a one day conference to be held in April 2010.

For more information about our exciting new seminar series, please click here.

Who Are We?

Centre for International Health and Development

Mel Adams PhD
Research Interests:
disability; health and nutrition; access to health care; service development & strategy with a special focus on education and training.

Gayatri Kembhavi PhD
Research Interests: participation and inclusion of children and adolescents with disabilities; participatory research with children with disabilities.

Mary Wickenden PhD
Research Interests: cultural aspects of disability, particularly children and families; training issues and the development of community-based rehabilitation (CBR) as a model of service provision.

Professor Sheila Wirz PhD
Research Interests: training for all levels of staff to improve community inclusion for persons with disabilities; low-cost screening at community level to identify inclusion needs; appropriate indicators for inclusion.

Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre

Professor Nora Groce PhD
Research Interests: cross-cultural disability issues; disability in global health and development.

Maria Kett PhD
Research Interests: disability in conflict and emergency situation; humanitarian policy and practice; global health and development.

Raymond Lang PhD
Research Interests:
disability policy in developing countries; CBR; international development.

Jean-Francois Trani PhD
Research Interests: disability in areas of conflict, demographics and economic implications of disability in developing countries, access to health services.


Michael Guy, from Handicap International UK, manages the Disability, Inclusion and Development component of Source.