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The Fashionmap Project

Dr. Sophie Woodward

Lecturer in Sociology, The University of Manchester

Fashionmap is a research project at Nottingham Trent University (created in 2001), which documents fashion as it is produced and presented in the high street, and as it is assembled by ordinary people on a daily basis. It includes a mass observation of ‘street’ fashion (through photographing and interviewing people on various street locations, in bars and clubs). It therefore aims to document fashion in terms of what everybody is wearing, and how individuals or groups manage to differentiate themselves from this mainstream. In look at fashion from the perspective of the everyday and ordinary, the Fashionmap archive has accrued a mass of images of, and interviews with, people wearing denim.

This mapping of denim as everyday ‘street style’ is something that Sophie Woodward plans to expand upon, along with Sue Keen, to look at how jeans are a means of conforming, yet at the same time how jeans are a means of differentiation. This will be a cross-cultural mapping of denim jeans, which will include observations in Britain (Nottingham and London), and planned observations in Korea, China, Japan, and India as possible sites. This cross-cultural mapping will therefore aim to understand denim as a simultaneously global and local garment, as it is part of territorially and culturally specific modes of assembling outfits.


                        Image Taken on a Nottingham backstreet in January 2004 (©Nottingham Trent University)


                        Image Taken October 2004, in the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. (©Nottingham Trent University)


                            Image taken in February 2004 in Caberet in Nottingham ©Nottingham Trent University)


                            Image taken February 2004 in Nottingham City Centre. (©Nottingham Trent University)


                                                Image taken in January 2006 (©Nottingham Trent University)


                                Image taken January 2006 in a bar in Nottingham (©Nottingham Trent University).