UCL: London's global university

  • First English university to admit women as full degree students
  • First English university to admit students of all beliefs and ethnicities
  • 210 clubs and societies with 18,000 memberships sold
  • 49% of the student body volunteer on external community projects (2011-12)
  • Students from 150 countries and 100 staff nationalities
  • 20% of students study abroad as part of their degree
  • 21 modern languages taught at UCL
  • Central London location

Global Citizenship and your Career


With the increase in numbers of students attending university in the UK, today’s recruiters are demanding that graduates exhibit far more than a degree certificate to secure a job. UCL’s Global Citizenship agenda is highly thought of amongst top graduate recruiters and articulates the additional attributes that are required to secure a position and progress in your chosen career.


There are numerous ways that these skills can be developed during your time at UCL. For example, this could be through paid work experience, voluntary work, activities with clubs and societies or independent travel. For more information about support from UCL with skills development, please visit the Key Skills website.

It is important to get involved in as many things as your academic work allows. This will ensure you have a body of evidence demonstrating your abilities which will help you secure your first graduate job. Throughout the year, the Careers Service also runs a series of skill development workshops with graduate employers which enable these skills to be utilised in the context of a work environment.


Recruiters are keen to promote the fact that the UCL ‘Education for Global Citizenship’ agenda also supports graduates once they are in their chosen career. The attributes such as leadership, critical thinking and cultural sensitivity are all skills that are essential for successful career progression. 

"At Deloitte we actively seek to recruit talented individuals, not only with a outstanding academic background, but also highly developed personal attributes.  We feel that the six tenets of the Global Citizenship programme are fundamental qualities for students to possess to enable them to build a successful and rewarding career. That is why Deloitte are such keen supporters of this initiative at UCL."

"UBS is a diverse organization united by a commitment to excellence, and we believe excellence results from challenging and learning from one another. We bring together the ideas of people from more than 150 nations every day, and work across geographic and business boundaries to fulfil our clients' needs.

Our distinctive working culture fosters open-mindedness, teamwork, respect and mutual support.  We empower creative, self-motivated individuals to use their talent, energy and professionalism to make a difference for our clients.

The qualities associated with Global Citizenship match perfectly with the qualities that a UBS employee must display."

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