UCL: London's global university

  • First English university to admit women as full degree students
  • First English university to admit students of all beliefs and ethnicities
  • 210 clubs and societies with 18,000 memberships sold
  • 49% of the student body volunteer on external community projects (2011-12)
  • Students from 150 countries and 100 staff nationalities
  • 20% of students study abroad as part of their degree
  • 21 modern languages taught at UCL
  • Central London location

What it means to be a student at UCL


There are many great reasons to choose to study at UCL: the strength of the teaching and research in your chosen discipline, the attractions of London life, the desire to study at a top-rated UK university.

We are proud of our diverse student body, and the varied interests and ambitions of our students. This is part of what makes UCL such a unique place to study.

Nevertheless, UCL is to committed to ensuring that our students leave us as a particular, distinctive kind of graduate. Someone who is:

  • A critical and creative thinker
  • Ambitious – but also idealistic and committed to ethical behaviour
  • Aware of the intellectual and social value of culture difference
  • An entrepreneur with the ability to innovate
  • Willing to assume leadership roles: in the family, the community and the workplace
  • Highly employable and ready to embrace professional mobility

This is what we mean by 'education for global citizenship', an idea which UCL is pioneering. We are committed to providing the academic challenges and personal development opportunities that will equip our graduates to wholeheartedly embrace the challenges of life after university.

Our courses offer plenty of scope for students to explore issues and ideas from different cultural perspectives, to work on problems of international importance, or to work with methodologies and techniques developed in different parts of the world. Over the next few years, our academic departments will be developing their programmes further to ensure that they can truly be said to be 'global' in their scope and ambition.

UCL believes that your time at university is a unique period in life that will shape you as a person. That's why we encourage our students to be active and engaged both inside and outside of the classroom: perhaps in the world of work, through part-time employment; or the social life of the university, through the Union; or in the local community, through the Voluntary Services Unit or the UCL Student Tutors and Mentors scheme. This kind of activity is fundamental to ensuring that our graduates are highly employable, but also that they develop into individuals who are willing and able to participate, innovate and lead.

This participation and commitment is what we hope sets UCL graduates apart from their peers. You can find some more inspiration about exactly what we mean by the UCL 'education for global citizenship' by clicking on the links on the left -or you can download our booket here

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