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There is ever-growing national and international demand for qualified professionals with expertise in the acquisition, representation and analysis of geographic information.  UCL’s Departments of Geography and Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering offer two linked interdisciplinary MSc programmes: Geographic Information Science (GISci) and Geospatial Analysis (GSA).  Sharing fundamental elements, these complementary programmes provide rigorous scientific and technical training for the next generation of geographic information scientists and geospatial analysts. 

Professionals whose work entails use and analysis of spatially referenced information are employed across a broad spectrum of agencies, institutions and organisations in the private and public sectors, including research organisations such as universities.  Furthermore, both MSc GISci and MSc GSA provide an ideal foundation for PhD research.

The programmes in GISci and GSA draw upon UCL’s internationally recognised expertise in these fields and its strong links to industry and government.  The well-established and highly regarded MSc GISci has been taught by the two departments for two decades; its focus is on educating students in the scientific principles and practical aspects of GISci.  Recognising the increasing use of geographic information systems as a platform for advanced modelling and analysis, MSc GSA is a new course that provides an opportunity to study advanced forms of modelling and analysis and their use in academic research, decision-making and policy-making.

Who will benefit from these programmes?

These programmes will attract two groups of students:

  1. MSc GISci – students who want a comprehensive understanding of geographic information science and how this guides the design, implementation and use of geographic information systems (GISs), with a particular emphasis on the acquisition, integration and analysis of data. 
  2. MSc GSA – students who wish to extend their analytical skills in the social and/or environmental domains whilst gaining a well-rounded and detailed understanding of integrating GISs and advanced modelling and analysis tools
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