Degree programmes

The BA degree programme in German has its centre of gravity in the intense and critical study of German language and culture from the earliest times to the present. The first two years are essentially 'contextual': that is, they provide students with a broad overview and a methodological framework for their literary, linguistic and historical studies.

The third year is spent abroad in a German-speaking country.
For the Year Abroad, students have the choice of the following:

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These are organised in conjunction with the British Council, and students who are UK citizens and native speakers of English have the opportunity to work as teaching assistants in schools in Germany and Austria. There are also some placements in Switzerland, subject to certain restrictions.

This option is available for either a full year or a 6-month placement
(i.e. for Combined Honours students splitting their year between two different countries).

Exchange placements at universities in German-speaking countries:

The Department has well-established exchange programmes at universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We offer Erasmus and non-Erasmus exchange placements.

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Erasmus placements are available at:

Non-Erasmus placements are available at:

Students are also able to spend their Year Abroad on a work placement. However, this is subject to the student finding a placement and it being approved by the Year Abroad Tutor.