Sebastian Coxon: PhD Supervision

Sebastian Coxon would particularly welcome research (PhD) proposals in premodern (medieval and early modern) comic narrative literature. Examples of this might include medieval verse-couplet comic tales ('Maeren'); prose anecdotes from the so-called 'Schwankbücher' of the sixteenth century, or longer texts such as 'Ein kurtzweilig Lesen von Dil Ulenspiegel'. He is also happy to supervise dissertations on literature in the late medieval urban context, such as the Shrovetide plays of Nürnberg; and late medieval and early modern jest culture as mediated and represented in literature: jokes and joke-books; laughter at others/ laughter at self; festive laughter/ punitive laughter; laughter and violence; and fools.

PhD topics supervised by Sebastian Coxon:

  • laughter as a narrative motif in Jörg Wickram's Rollwagenbüchlein

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