Articles by Mererid Puw Davies

  • 'The price of an image: poetry, photography and the Vietnam war in West Germany', Modern Language Review 106, 2011, page 164-178
  • '“Viet Nam wird zur Hure gemacht": Women, victimhood and the Vietnam conflict in West German writing' German Life and Letters 64, 2011, page 95-107
  • 'An Uncanny Journey: W.G. Sebald and the literature of protest', Journal of European Studies, 2011
  • 'Gerrit-Jan Berendse and Ingo Cornils, Baader-Meinhof Returns: History and Cultural Memory of German Left-Wing Terrorism', Modern Language Review 105, 2010
  • 'Ute Kätzel, Die 68erinnen: Porträts einer rebellischen Frauengeneration', Journal of European Studies, 2010
  • 'Morten Soekilde, ‘Prima Aprilis’ (poetry translation in collaboration with the poet and John Barnie)', Taliesin, 2010
  • 'West German representations of women and resistance in Vietnam 1966-1973' Warlike women and death: Women warriors in the German imagination since 1500, eds. Colvin S,Watanabe-O'Kelly H (Rochester NY: Camden House, 2009) pages 229-249
  • 'Bluebeard, hero of modernity: Tales at the fin de siècle' Bluebeard’s Legacy: Death and Secrets from Bartók to Hitchcock, eds. Pollock G,Anderson V (London: I.B Tauris, 2009) pages 31-50
  • 'Ysgrifau Beirniadol XXVIII, Y Traethodydd, 2009, pages 60-61
  • '„Eiffe verbessert die Welt“: Graffiti und der umstrittene öffentliche Raum' , Maos Rote Garden? - 1968 zwischen kulturrevolutionärem Anspruch und subversiver Praxis: Ein kultur- und mediengeschichtliches Kompendium zur Studentenbewegung, eds. Martin Klimke und Joachim Scharloth (Cologne and Vienna: Böhlau)
  • 'Zwei, drei, viele West Berlin? West German Anti-authoritarianism and the Vietnam Conflict', German Monitor
  • 'Bodily Issues: The West German Anti-Authoritarian Movement and the Semiotics of Dirt', Un-civilising Processes: Excess and Transgression in German Society and Culture, ed. Mary Fulbrook (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2007), pp. 225-53
  • ‘Croniclau Pentrefi: Patrymau Mewn Nofelau Cymraeg Diweddar’, Taliesin 123 (Winter 2004), pp. 12-25
  • (with Aled Llion) ‘Fersiynau ar Fordaith: adroddiad o weithdy cyfieithu barddoniaeth, Taliesin 121 (Spring 2004), pp. 90-102
  • ‘Disgrifio’r Lladdfa: Auschwitz, Hanes a Chelfyddyd’, Taliesin 118 (Spring 2003), pp.54-62
  • ‘Laughing Their Heads Off: Nineteenth-century Comic Versions of the Bluebeard Tale’, German Life and Letters 55, No. 4 (2002), pp. 329- 47
  • ‘Fishy Tales: Ulriche und Kühleborn’ in Kerstin Hensel, ed. by Birgit Dahlke and Beth Linklater (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2002), pp. 51-66
  • ‘Encoding the Division of Germany in the Tale of ‘Bluebeard’: Helga Schubert’s ‘Das verbotene Zimmer’ and Other Stories’, New Comparison 31 (2001), pp. 35-56
  • ‘Introduction’, in Women’s Autobiography in German, ed. by Mererid Puw Davies, Beth Linklater and Gisela Shaw (Bern: Peter Lang, 2000), pp. 7-15
  • ‘”Du bist in einem Mörderhaus”: Representing German History Through the Märchen of ‘Blaubart’ and ‘Der Räuberbräutigam’ in Works by Dieter Hildebrandt and Helma Sanders-Brahms’, in Representing the German Nation: History and Identity in Twentieth-century Germany, ed. by Mary Fulbrook and Martin Swales (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2000), pp.118-35
  • '"Die Liebe zu den Modellen": Barbara Frischmuth's Myths', in: 'Other' Austrians: Post-1945 Austrian Women's Writing, ed. by Allyson Fiddler (Frankfurt am Main, etc.: Peter Lang, 1998), pp. 91-104
  • 'In Blaubarts Schatten: Murder, Märchen and Memory', German Life and Letters 50, No.4 (1997), pp. 491-507, also in: Gendering German Studies: New Perspectives on German Literature and Culture, ed. by Margaret Littler (Oxford: Blackwell, 1997), pp. 113-29
  • 'Datod Tafodau: Gloria Anzaldúa a Ffeminyddiaethau Color', Tu Chwith 6 (1996), pp. 9-19

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