Mary Fulbrook: PhD Supervision

Mary Fulbrook is willing to supervise dissertations on twentieth-century German social and political history, particularly relating to the the Third Reich and GDR, as well as projects with an inter-disciplinary, transnational or comparative approach. She is also directing an AHRC-funded project on 'Reverberations of War: Communities of Experience and Identification in Germany and Europe since 1945', starting in 2010, for which two funded PhD studentships are available.

Recent and current PhD topics supervised by Mary Fulbrook:

Recent PhD students have worked particularly on the social history of the GDR, including an AHRC-funded project on the 'normalisation of rule'. Many dissertations have been subsequently published as monographs helping to define the field, including books by Mark Allinson, Mark Fenemore, George Last, Jeannette Madarász, Esther von Richthofen, Corey Ross, and Merrilyn Thomas; other former students, such as Angela Brock, Damian Mac Con Uladh, and Daniel Wilton, have published seminal articles.

Current and recently completed PhD topics include: 

  • Julia Wagner: Nazi hunters in East and West Germany and Austria
  • Christian Wienand: Former prisoners of war in East and West Germany
  • Helen Whatmore: Nazi concentration camps and local populations in France, Holland and West Germany
  • Aaron Jacobson: 'Resettlers' (refugees and expellees) in the GDR
  • Julie Deering: Former Nazis and 'overcoming Nazism' in the early GDR
  • Neula Kerr-Boyle: Eating disorders in the GDR (jointly with the UCL Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine)
  • Gaelle Fisher: Displacement: Russians, Romanians and Germans
  • Several interdisciplinary topics jointly supervised with a literary colleague, including: shame and humiliation in the GDR (Phil Leask); history in the works of Reinhard Jirgl (Juliane Horn); representations of the family and the impact of popular televisions series in Poland, East and West Germany (Kinga Bloch).

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