Media Presentations by Mary Fulbrook

  • Interview with Geraldine Doogue on 'Saturday Extra', Australian Broadcasting Corporations Radio National, discussing the GDR, 7 November 2009. 
  • Interview on Berlin Wall, BBC World Service, 28 October 2009
  • Interview about the GDR, Swiss radio, 13 October 2009
  • Interview about the GDR, Stadtmedienzentrum Stuttgart, 9 July 2009
  • Interview with Laurence Rees for a (DVD and web-based) documentary on the Second World War, April 2009.
  • Interview to independent TV company for a news feature on 55th anniversary of Hitler’s accession to power, 30 January 2008.
  • BBC4 TV, ‘Hitler: the Discussion’ with Ian Kershaw and Richard Bessel, chaired by Laurence Rees, 30 April 2005.
  • BBC4 TV, Melvyn Bragg on Marxism and the history of capitalism, 5 July 2002.
  • Radio 4, Roy Porter History Programme on Honecker, 15 January 2000.
  • Radio 4, Melvyn Bragg’s ‘In Our Time’, on Hitler, 5 October 2000.
  • Interviews to German radio while in Berlin, May 1999.
  • Radio 3 programme with John Tusa on Weimar, 28 August 1999.
  • Sky TV on the fall of the Wall, Adam Boulton programme, 7 November 1999.
  • Radio 4, Peter Kellner's "Analysis" programme on Europe, 14 and 17 March 1996.
  • BBC World Television, 13 August 1996, on the Berlin Wall and preserving historical monuments.
  • Sky television, interview about the "July Plot", 20 July 1994.
  • BBC Radio Wales, programme on the GDR and the fall of the Wall, 8 November 1994.
  • Channel 4 TV, "Bloody Foreigners" (programme on right-wing extremism in Europe), presented by Jon Snow, 7 November 1993.
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) TV, "The Journal", on neo-Nazism in Germany, presented by Ann McMillan, January 1992.
  • South German, South-west German and Saar Radio, "Stampede to the West? Voices from Britain on German unification", presented by Anthony Gibbs, 30 April 1990.
  • BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour, "Women in East and West Germany on the eve of unification", presented by Jenni Murray, 27 September 1990.
  • BBC 1 TV, programme on educational standards, presented by Robert Kilroy Silk MP, 15 October 1990.

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