Books by Mary Fulbrook

img: The People's State

A Small Town near Auschwitz: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust (Oxford University Press, 2012) - joint winner of the Wiener Library's 2012 Fraenkel Prize

Dissonant Lives: Generations and Violence through the German Dictatorships (Oxford University Press, 2011)

A History of Germany 1918-2008: The Divided Nation (Blackwell, 3nd edn, 2008)

The People's State: East German Society from Hitler to Honecker (Yale University Press, 2005)

Hitler, I (HarperCollins, 2004) and Hitler, II (HarperCollins, 2005) – short student texts

A Concise History of Germany (Cambridge University Press, 1990; 2nd ed., 2004; 3rd ed. in preparation); Hungarian translation, Németország Története (Maecenas, 1993); Spanish translation, Historia de Alemania (CUP Iberia, 1995); Swedish translation, Tysklands Historia (Historiska Media, 1998); Korean Translation, (Kaemagowon, 2000); Japanese (Bushosha, 2005); Romanian (Editura Institutul), Chinese (Annual Rings), Polish (Zysk iS-ka), Turkish (BUPRESS, Bogazici University Press), Portugese, Bulgarian translation in preparation, Serbian translation in preparation

Historical Theory (Routledge, 2002)

Interpretations of the Two Germanies, 1945-1990 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2nd edn., 2000); Japanese translation 2009.

German National Identity after the Holocaust (Polity Press, 1999); Hungarian translation, A német nemzeti identitás a holokauszt után (Helikon Kiadó, 2001)

Anatomy of a Dictatorship: Inside the GDR, 1949-89 (Oxford University Press, 1995)

The Two Germanies 1945-1990: Problems of Interpretation (Macmillan, 1992)

The Divided Nation: Germany 1918-1990 (Fontana, 1991; OUP, New York, 1992); Italian translation, Storia della Germania 1918-1990: La Nazione Divisa (Mondadori, 1993)

Piety and Politics: Religion and the Rise of Absolutism in England, Württemberg and Prussia (Cambridge University Press, 1983; reissued, 2003)

img: Anatomy of a Dictatorship

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