Mark Hewitson: PhD Supervision

Mark Hewitson is willing to supervise dissertations on nineteenth and twentieth-century German history; nationalism in Europe from the eighteenth century to the present; the First World War and – more generally – war and society in Germany since the Napoleonic wars; German social and political thought; the history of European integration; visual history, intellectual and comparative history. He is currently working on projects on nationalism in Germany and Europe, on representations of warfare over the last two centuries, and on conceptions of Europe and West during the twentieth century.

Recent and current PhD topics supervised by Mark Hewitson:

I have supervised work on a range of topics, extending from eighteenth-century France to contemporary Europe. Recent topics include:

  • Brothers in Arms: The Dual Alliance in World War I and German National Identity
  • Synthesis between Nationalisms: Identity, Culture and Politics in the German-Polish Provinces of the Prussian East, 1871-1914
  • ‘Euthanasia’ in Britain and the United States after the Nuremberg Trials
  • The Reality of Displacement: Displaced People after the Second World War
  • Localists, Social Democrats and Anarchists: The Roots of Syndicalism in Germany, 1868-1919
  • Discourses about the Nation in Eighteenth-Century France
  • Theories of Social Change and Ideology in Marcuse, Jameson and Zizek
  • National Interests and European Integration: British and German Foreign and Security Policies since the End of the Cold War

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