Dr Geraldine Horan

Lecturer in German Language

email: g.horan@ucl.ac.uk
phone: +44 20 7679 3101
internal phone: 33101
office hours: by appointment

Office: 16-18 Gordon Square, room 103

img: Geraldine Horan

Geraldine Horan was educated at Royal Holloway, University of London where she studied for a BA (Hons) in German and English and a PhD in German Linguistics. Prior to joining the German Department at UCL in 2000, she was involved in a multi-media exchange project in the German Department at King’s College London. At UCL, she teaches language (translation theory and practice, grammar) and linguistics (introduction to German linguistics, history of the language, language, power and ideology) at undergraduate and postgraduate level. She is one of the co-creators of the intercollegiate MA in German Linguistics taught with KCL and QMUL (launched in September 2005).

Her research interests lie in sociolinguistics, feminist linguistics and discourse analysis, and the theory and practice of language teaching. She has published on the role of the new media in language teaching, on women’s discourse in National Socialism, theoretical approaches to analysing National Socialist discourse and on the regulation of cursing and swearing in German. Current research projects include a sociolinguistic history of cursing and swearing in German since the 16th century and the language of nationalism and anti-semitism in Germany, 1871-1914.

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